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Reflection on Hinduism

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Brittany Fowler Humanities 101-LS2 Reflection Paper Hinduism 10/3/12 Despite being the world’s third largest and oldest religion, lots of people including me are very unaware of the facts about Hinduism. Hinduism can be traced all the way back to 5000 B. C and has been said to have over 1 billion followers. The most interesting fact about Hinduism to me is that Hinduism has no founder. Nobody has been known to have founded Hinduism and yet it just keeps evolving over time.

Another interesting fact about Hinduism is their “Brahman.

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Reflection on Hinduism
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” Hindus believe that there is only one god named “Brahman” and other gods are just manifestations of him. Where as in many other religions there is one God and one God only. It kind of confuses me that Hindus have so many Gods and that each God has its own duty. I guess that’s why Hinduism is still changing and evolving today. Actually the fact that there’s a God, in my opinion, doesn’t really matter because Hindus worship God in the form of an idol.

Rivers, mountains, animals, and natural things that are useful for a human being are revered in Hinduism. There are so many different deities, lords, and yugas in Hinduism that it can be overwhelming. I think that main thing that sets Hinduism apart from other religions is the fact that Hindus believe there are many different ways to reach God. Most religions believe that there is only one way to reach God, and that is just simply by being a good person. They also believe in reincarnation.

That is very different to me because what I’ve always known is that once you die your soul goes to heaven and that’s it. I don’t know if I could ever believe that when you die you’ll be reincarnated into someone else. If that was true then that just means that everybody in the world is a reincarnation of someone else. I can’t imagine that. I’ve learned a lot of new things about Hinduism. I actually like the religion. I think that with Hinduism anybody can follow it, because it’s so versatile.

There is a lot of different ways to reach God and you’re not just restricted to acting a certain way or doing things in a certain matter. Hinduism doesn’t even have a dress code as lots of religions do. Hinduism is the type of religion where anybody can fit in, that is why it has been around for so long. Many cultures have come and gone but Hinduism has endured a lot and is somehow still here. I believe that it has withstood all of its challenges, because of its approach towards human life, belief in eternal truths, and modifications without changing the basic beliefs.

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