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Reflective Statement a Dolls House

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Reflective statement for WIT-Minal The topics discussed were: “ In what ways do time and place matter to this work? ” and “What connections did you find between issues in the work and your own culture and experience? ” “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen is a playwright based in Norway in the 1870’s. To some extent, time matters to this work because it brings up the issues of roles of women in the 1870’s. Women were not very independent at that time and had to take permissions from a male authoritarian figure to make decisions related to work or law.

This issue is brought up through Nora, when Mrs.

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Reflective Statement a Dolls House
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Linde is being told her secret of borrowing money. Mrs. Linde is shocked that Nora’s husband is not aware of this and how did she take a loan when it was forbidden in society to do so without the husband’s consent. Women were denoted as the homemakers and lower positions than the men.

This was not only in Norway but also all around the world. Men had more dominance and power and were superior to women. In my culture, men are more dominant than woman however; usually the women are the ones that take care of the finances at home and the money distribution. Also the place the play was set in was Norway in the Helmer’s home.

The issue that was brought up was that although the setting was at home, the characters didn’t act natural to each other, instead, kept secrets. However in my society, families all live together with their extended family and even if there are disputes they would live together. Women seemed resourceful and at any time of difficulty they would step right in and help. We see a contrast to Nora’s character by Mrs. Linde who was working. Classes played a role in society and defined how hard you had to work. For Nora life was easier and she didn’t have to take many sacrifices like Mrs.

Linde. Also in the present day, classes are very important especially in India, because there are various castes. Mrs. Linde was introduced a widow who takes on responsibilities. In the Indian culture if a woman were a widow she would stay with her husband’s parents. In the case of Mrs. Linde she had to search for a job because she had nothing left from her husband and support her family. The issues brought up were more of timeless issues rather than issues in Norway in the 1870’s. Issues in the book that were contrasted to my culture are handled differently. Words: 394

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