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Relationships Are Experienced by Everyone

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Com 105Writing AssignmentRelationships are experienced by everyone, be it a romantic or afriendly relationship. There is an initial stage of attraction from bothsides which may die out later or even get stronger with time. I chose todescribe a romantic relationship than a friendly relationship because mypersonal experience with my ex-boyfriend serves as a strong basis tosupport my essay.

It was my first semester here in college; I had broken up with myboyfriend from back home. I didn’t think I was ever going to date anyonehere in college.

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Relationships Are Experienced by Everyone
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But I did meet someone. Unfortunately, I did not get alongtoo well with him. I broke up with him in two weeks.

I had promised to cook and help out some of my friends for lunch oneday. That was when I met Kay. The most helpful man I had ever met. He wasso courteous and extremely polite. We both knew each other but we had neverspoken before. He was definitely not like what I had heard from theInternational community at this college.

I learnt that he speaks Frenchfluently and two other languages. I think that’s when the attractionstarted. I have always been attracted to people who are very diverse. Hewas not physically attractive but he carried himself very well. We agreedon almost every issue we discussed about.

On the other hand, what attracted him to me was my sense of humor andmy passion for dancing, which he thinks I have though I never knew I hadone myself, and I probably would never agree on that. Well, I think it’svery French to go to any lengths to flatter a girl, because I was indeedflattered. I collect different traditional stones, rip magazines and do alot of art with them. He thought that was very interesting because it was aunique hobby which I didn’t even have a name for.

Well, the attraction did not last for long. That was when I realizedhow difficult it is to date someone from a different culture. Everythingwas about me being Asian. But whatever I talked about was getting soopinionated that I did not open up to him regarding anything.

Kay only got drunk to have fun. It was too much of drinking for me.

He totally enjoyed the drinking culture here. I am used to it now but willprobably never like it.

We were very different people. I was beginning to know him better. That’swhen I felt that we could not go on anymore. I broke up with him beforeChristmas. He did everything to get us back together. But it happened forgood. I dated him with the hope of changing a person and making him what Iwanted him to be. And moreover every relationship is not the best. There isthe good side of a person and there is a bad side but if the bad sideoutweighs the good that’s when most relationship starts losing its grip.

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