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Morality And Religion of The World Of Lies

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  • Pages 3
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    Lying is a subject of controversy as it is perceived in different schools of thoughts to either be good or bad. In lying is abhorrent while in some other endeavor, a particular form of lies called ‘white lie: is welcome. Sanjiv Erat and Uri Gneezy in their paperwork on ‘White lie,’ a study carried out by the researchers, females were reported to have a lower ability than male to tell a lie on another person when the lie can hurt the party affected. Persons like St Augustine and Kant differs and does not agree that there is any right side to lies. Utilitarians, however, disagree on that, saying that when the purpose of evading truth is to promote peace and prevent harm to the individual, a lie is not wrong to tell. In political thought, half-truths are not considered as lies and are acceptable, Hannah Arendt notes. In this paper, however, the take of Zarathushtras teaching on lying in Zoroastrianism ideology is the focus of this paper.

    According to Zarathushtra’s teaching, falsehood in lifestyle has a direct relationship with the quality of worship and the worth of it in spirituality. Zarathushtra says this by the maxim ‘faulty metaphysics leads to faulty worship’. It goes to show that lying has little value in the doctrine that Zarathushtra teaches. In the religion, it is true that the Holy Ahura Mazda – the deity of the faith – detest lies or any form of falsehood as the consequences for evil are not of good endings. It corresponds to the Kantian philosophy of lies which he considers detestable and of no moral justification irrespective of the circumstances surrounding it. Instead of lying when posed with a question where one’s opinion is needed, the best way to handle it is to keep a sealed lip. The reward for this is blessings from the Holy Ahura Mazda in any endeavor one finds himself or herself. Those who engage in telling of lies against a fellow human being incur punitive sanctions from the God of Zoroastrianism for their deeds.

    In Zoroastrianism, there are a good number of Gathas needed for better dealing with God and human beings . Precisely, there are five Gathas or songs required for a healthy relationship with Ahura Mazda and humanity. They are, in no particular order of importance and their messages are cryptic. The interpretation of these messages, according to Zarathushtras, will determine the trajectory of the individual in the afterlife. In order words, a false interpretation of the songs or Gathas of Zoroastrianism will make way for one in hell while a proper understanding will lead to eternal life. Since the Gathas themselves represent truths, elements of falsehood are forbidden in attitude towards others as well as in its interpretation as well. In fact, one of the verses in its scripture translated to English puts it this way: ‘The gifts of VAHU MAN’ come as reward for Deeds done out of Love for Lord Of Life, Ahura’s XSHATHRA surely cometh down, on him who Serves with zeal his brother meek’. It is in pada to pada arrangement. From the quote, it reveals that when one does or acts in a way with the motive of love and no other ulterior motive, the person is subject to receive blessings from Ahura Mazda for keeping the tenets of Zoroastrianism which was delivered by the prophet Zarathushtra in his teaching on the Gathas during his days.

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