Review of Before the Mayflower

It was a year of funerals and births, a year of endings and a year of beginnings, a year of hate, a year of love It was a year of passion, a year of despair, a year of desperate hope. These words mark what could be any year known to man, no matter race or creed. Before the Mayflower is a book that opened my eyes about the history of the African Americans, before they were brought over to the US.

From what I ve learned through out my years of study, that almost every race and creed, has expericed and caused atrocities of the magnitude of genocide and slavery.Most, everyone has found a way to move on, and have made significant advancements that have benefited the world as a whole. As I read through the book I was most amazed by the pages (443-674) that traced the landmarks and milestones that the African Americans have made since they were unjustly brought to this nation. Now this race is an intricate part of the fabric we call America.

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I was astonished at the hardships this race had to overcome to get to the place they are today. But like all races, there are always a few people that make the other races bitter towards the race as a whole.This can be seen on both sides of the race line (that some people perceive to be there), whether white or black, there is bitterness between some people. As I know the Caucasian race, have some people that are bigots and other that are integrators.

I am absolutely appalled, by what the whites have done to African Americans. But, I believe things have mostly changed, but will not change all the way until both sides feel the other side, has cleared it s prejudices. Also on the African American side of things, the majority of the race has seemed to move on.I know terrible things have happened to them with in the last 250 years but we are entering a new millennium.

Some members of the African American race have told me, I owe them. Yet, my ancestors never came over to the US until the early 1900 s, they don t know that. This I will admit make me bitter about the whole situation at time. But I try not to have that harm the views that I have.

I feel that no matter race, creed or gender, we are all equal, and we can all accomplish any thing we want. I live by the saying that if you reach for the stars, you are not likely, to come up with a handful of mud.

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