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Richard Joseph Gallot Biography

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  • Pages 3
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    On February 5th, 1992, I, Richard Joseph Gallot, was born at two fifteen in the morning, at St. Francis Medical Center. I am the son of Rick Gallot and Tammy Johnston and I am the only child. As an infant, I lived in Grambling, Louisiana, on one forty one Gallot drive. For about the next two years, my parents developed issues with each other. Then, at the age of two years old, my parents divorced. My father got custody of me and continued living in Grambling while my mother moved around the west coast.

    From age two until about age twelve, I have been traveling back and forth from Grambling to Dallas. It was hard for me to understand why both of my parents aren’t waking me up every morning together, like all my friends at school. As a child I attended Alma J. Brown Elementary School in Grambling. Besides the drama with my parents, I enjoyed my childhood. Eventually, I started middle school at Grambling Middle Magnet School and for the next three years I played snare drum in the high school band. At this point of my life, things got kind of twisted.

    I started hanging out with the wrong crowd and as I carried over to high school, I tried a lot of different things. Some things were bad and some weren’t. My grades were slowly dropping until my father decided to take me out of Grambling High School and putting me into Cedar Creek School in Ruston. I transferred during the second semester of my sophomore year and attended there until graduation. I hated this school! I was around a lot of different people of many different races and I didn’t get along with a lot of them until my senior year.

    I was so happy when I graduated. It was a great feeling to be done with high school! As of now, I attend Southern University in Baton Rouge, where I will pursue a degree in business management. Throughout my life, I have been through a lot of good things and a lot of bad things. I have also found out what talents I have! I can play the snare drum and drum set very well, since I played in the band for about five years. I love video games and a little basketball. At age fifteen, I learned how to fly a plane and could have gotten my pilot’s license at age seventeen.

    Throughout my high school live, I have spend a lot of time hanging out with friends and girlfriends, traveling the world and even attending the presidential inauguration! Two summers ago, I traveled to Europe, visiting cities and towns in Italy, Switzerland, Austria and France! It was a blast and I had a lot of fun. Even though I was enjoying life at this time, doesn’t mean my life was good. My mother and I don’t get along real good and we have had a lot of confrontations throughout my life. We get into a lot, to where we are screaming and hollering at each other, sometimes we get along but not a lot.

    All my life I always think about what my life would be like if my parents were still together and me and my mother got along as well. As for now, I am enjoying the first week of college and I love it! I feel like I will have fun here at Southern. I plan to keep my grades up and have a great time. I also plan to graduate here in three years, by attending summer school. Then pursue a career in managing a music company. I have had a great time in the last eighteen years of my life and hopefully enjoy the rest of it.

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