Richard Joseph Gallot Biography

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Richard Joseph Gallot was born on February 5th, 1992 at two fifteen in the morning at St. Francis Medical Center. He is the only child of Rick Gallot and Tammy Johnston. During his infancy, he resided at one forty one Gallot drive in Grambling, Louisiana.

At age two, Richard’s parents divorced and his father gained custody while remaining in Grambling. His mother moved to various locations along the west coast.

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From the age of two until approximately twelve, I continuously traveled between Grambling and Dallas. It puzzled me why only one of my parents would wake me up each morning, unlike my friends’ parents. Despite the family conflicts, I attended Alma J. Brown Elementary School in Grambling during my childhood and enjoyed myself there. Subsequently, I transferred to Grambling Middle Magnet School for middle school where I spent three years playing the snare drum in the high school band. This period marked a turning point as life began to get more complicated.

Throughout my high school years, I was part of a negative group and participated in harmful experiments, which had a detrimental effect on my academic performance. Consequently, my father decided to transfer me from Grambling High School to Cedar Creek School in Ruston during the second semester of my sophomore year. I stayed there until graduation but faced challenges adapting to the new environment because of the diverse student body comprising individuals from various racial backgrounds. It wasn’t until my senior year that I managed to establish positive relationships with many of them.

After finishing high school, I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness and a burden being lifted as I finally gained my freedom. Currently, I am studying business management at Southern University in Baton Rouge. Along the way, I have encountered both positive and negative experiences. Additionally, I have discovered my talents – particularly excelling in playing the snare drum and drum set thanks to my five-year involvement in the band. Furthermore, I enjoy playing video games and have a mild interest in basketball. When I was fifteen years old, I even learned how to fly and had the potential to obtain my pilot’s license by seventeen.

During my high school years, I dedicated a significant amount of time to socializing with friends and girlfriends. Additionally, I had the opportunity to travel to various parts of the world and witness a presidential inauguration firsthand! One summer, I embarked on an unforgettable adventure throughout Europe, exploring cities and towns in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and France. This journey provided me with an immensely enjoyable experience. However, not everything went smoothly for me during this period as my relationship with my mother has always been strained. Throughout my life, we have experienced numerous confrontations and frequently engage in intense arguments and shouting matches. Although there are occasional moments when we do get along well together, they occur infrequently.

All my life, I have wondered what would have happened if my parents had stayed together and if I had a stronger relationship with my mother. But right now, as I start my first week of college at Southern, I am incredibly happy. I absolutely love this experience! My goal is to enjoy every moment while also getting great grades. Additionally, I want to finish my degree in three years by taking summer classes and then go into music company management. So far, the past eighteen years of my life have been amazing, and I hope to continue enjoying the rest of the journey.

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