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RJR Nabisco Valuation

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When measuring the rating of RJR Nabisco commands. the Particular commission should use the Capital Cash Flow method. The Capital Cash Flow method. when applied suitably. should give the same rating when dismissing a company’s Free Cash Flow. To acquire Capital Cash Flows ( CCF ) . Net Income is adjusted by adding back non-cash disbursals and other rapprochements to organize hard currency flow. diminishing Capital Outgos. diminishing alterations in Net Working Capital and eventually. adding Cash Interest.

The Capital Cash Flow Method is algebraically tantamount to the Free Cash Flow Method because the CCF’s are discounted by the Expected Asset Return ( Ka ) and non by the Leaden Average Cost of Capital.

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RJR Nabisco Valuation
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The cardinal advantage with the usage of the CCF method is that the ratings do non necessitate Year over Year alterations in the price reduction rate if the capital construction of a company is projected to alter. In peculiar. it is utile when valuing Leveraged Buyout Scenarios because the price reduction rate for each twelvemonth is the same even though a firm’s capital construction may be travel from being highly to lowly levered over the investing skyline.

As shown in Exhibit 1. 2. and 3. the endeavor values of RJR Nabisco are calculated by summing the discounted capital hard currency flows with the terminal value. By dismissing the CCF’s by the Expected Asset Return of 12. 32 % ( exhibit 4 ) . the endeavor value of RJR Nabisco under the pre-bid. management-bid. and KKR-bid schemes are $ 27. 9 billion. $ 37. 5 billion. and $ 39. 5 billion. severally. Difference in Value of the Three Operating Plans The difference between pre-bid. KKR. and the Management Group’s ratings is due to the fluctuations in operating schemes.

The pre-bid scheme assumes that the current company construction is continues into the foreseeable hereafter. Since it is non a leveraged buyout. RJR Nabisco is valued with no added debt in the capital construction. Its endeavor value is merely determined by dismissing the jutting hard currency flow. The Management Group’s scheme includes the sale of the nutrient concerns while retaining the baccy concern. which consequences in a major inflow in hard currency flows in the first twelvemonth. but less in future old ages. It is besides portion of a leveraged buyout. portion of which is financed by long term debt. changing the capital construction traveling forwards.

More debt leads to a greater rating of the house. KKR. while still a leveraged buyout. does non be after on selling off the entireness of the nutrient concern. Alternatively it plans on running both the baccy concern and most of the bing nutrient concern. ensuing in hard currency flows similar to those of the pre-bid scheme. However. since it is besides will ensue in a new capital construction including more long term debt. the rating is increased even higher. The three operating programs account for different sums of assets due to changing runing schemes every bit good as assorted sums of long-run debt.

This reflects the thought that operating determinations are the chief motive behind the value of RJR Nabisco. The Auction Firstly. the usage of an auction fulfills Nabisco’s fiducial responsibility to the stockholders. Accepting commands from all over will let competition to drive the monetary value to the highest possible degree and will besides accept commands from all any willing participants alternatively of a choice few. The auction is besides in the best involvement of the stockholders in respects to its regulations. Guaranting that no apparently “hostile” coup d’etat will be allowed ensures that the stockholders will acquire a say in the concluding determination.

Second. the Particular Committee’s regulations of the auction will motivate a fleet acquisition. KKR and Management Group have been sing a joint command since 1987 ; after one twelvemonth. no trade has been finalized. By take parting in an auction. companies must subject their proposals by a deadline to come in each unit of ammunition of command. Therefore. the trade will be able to shut rapidly in comparing to separate dialogues. This is particularly attractive since the payment is largely made in hard currency. and stockholders will desire to have their portion of the value in a timely mode.

Decision From the company’s point of position. both Management and KKR’s commands consequence in increased hard currency flows from the bing operating construction. Therefore. both programs will heighten the company’s public presentation in the foreseeable hereafter. though KKR’s program does ensue in somewhat higher hard currency flows. Besides. both programs will be financed in a similar mode ( largely bank debt ) and both bidders plan on presuming RJR Nabisco’s preexisting debt. Under KKR’s offer at $ 92 per portion. Nabisco’s operating construction would remain integral. aintaining the image of the company every bit good as go oning to offer occupation security for its bing employees.

However. the Particular Committee’s fiducial duty is non fulfilled if they do non move in the shareholders’ best involvement. Management Group’s command is $ 8 higher per portion than KKR’s. with less pay-in-kind preferable stock and more hard currency as payment. The Particular Committee should take Management’s command of $ 100 per portion in order to outdo fulfill its responsibilities to the stockholders and besides assure hard currency flows for the company in the upcoming old ages which are comparable to the KKR command.

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