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Spain became isolated from democracy, he had followed Primp De River’s dictatorship which resulted in the Spanish Civil War. During the Near the leaders of the Spanish military army immediately asked Germany for their help asking them for airplanes to fly in troops from Morocco to Spain. Originally Germany rejected the request as they thought it would result into a war within Europe, however Doll Hitler did not agree with the current leaders views and after a discussion he told General Francisco Franco on 26th July 1936 that Germany would support his rebellion. ( http://tap. Clan. AC. /buddies/delusion/? P=81) He Justified his decision by attempting to save Europe from “communist barbarism”. Hitler also knew that If Franco won the war he could Import Iron, copper, mercury and pyrites from Spain for his armaments Industry. Another advantage to Germany was that they could trial out their militarily forces and weapons. Italy also helped Franco during the call war as like Germany they supplied arms and used their army to prepare them for any future invasions. Franco partnered with many countries to help him claim his victory to the Spanish Civil war, this created alliances between Spain and other Mounties.

However Franco was worried about creating tourism in the country as opening boarders to foreigners as it could potentially influence their mindset with foreign ideologies, he also did not want a new class to be created of a greater political influence of which could challenge his leadership. During the regime of Franco Spain appeared to fall behind on Rupee’s transition to Modernity and its cultural developments. The industrial revolution began in England during the end of the 18th century although it didn’t reach Spain until after Franc’s dictatorship and in 975 when he passed away Spain began to change into the modern country it is today.

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Franco was a strong catholic and believed in the countries traditional elites such as the army and church. During the lead up to the Civil war there was a dramatic decline in tourism to Spain from about 440,000 visitors in 1930 to 190,000 in 1934 (http://loneliness’s. Tripod. Com/) as a result to how the country was being ruled. Tourism didn’t fully begin again till the sass’s which began bringing in capital for the country making the economy Spain more stable. A main rise to Spain’s tourism was after they Joined the European union in 1986 which helped them with relations In Europe.

A prime example of how Spain brought In tourism was when they held the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992, bringing all different nationalities to visit the country. Ere Olympics is an event which showcases the hosts attractions and culture, It encourages people to stay In the country while watching the games and spending money In the local restaurants and bars. Once people have visited the country and seen what It has to offer many people return after enjoying their time there.

During he early 20th century many people did not have the money to be able to travel abroad, for example the English would take advantage of the sea sides nearby but Introit the sunny attraction that they soon found out Spain offered a few years later for not much money. Once Franc’s regime was abolished and the country slowly began the process of the industrial revolution, it became more of an attraction to other countries to visit and trade with. Tourism is now at its highest in places such being known for their architectural building and scenic towns, most people visit

Spain for cheap package drinking holidays to go to their ‘sunny beaches’. Ovenbird is crowded with English tourists every summer, which creates a lack of Spanish culture, as foreign business create English and other foreign bars for tourists to visit. However it is these tourists that also brings in the capital to the country, and creates lobs for people in Spain to work in hotels and restaurants etc. Spain is ranked is currently ranked in the top five for the world’s best tourist holiday destination, with the Mediterranean Sea being a large attraction. (http://travel. Sinews. Com/Rankings/

Norris_Best_Vacations/) Overall Spain has vastly increased its tourism since Franco passed away in 1975 when his regime was no longer in force, which was what prevented people from entering through the boarders of Spain due to the risk of the Spanish publics thoughts changing to a foreign ideology. Also by Joining the European Union Spain was able to follow other countries in how they were becoming successful through the industrial revolution. During the Spanish Civil war Spain’s close relationship with Germany allowed them to begin trade and use them as support during the war.

Franc’s views and how he wanted to lead the country created the war between the two parties and many people believe it ruined Spain as country and it took them many years till it became sustainable again, economically and culturally. Spain now has become successful with become one of the worlds most visited country as a holiday destination. It is one of the main incomes for Spain’s economy whilst also proving Jobs for its citizens especially within the tourist Industry such as hotels and bars. Spain now has lot to offer tourists from the exquisite beaches, their hot summer, history and monumental attractions.

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