Ryanair Strategic Management and Business Planning Case Study

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Following study is based on the SWOT and PESTEL analysis of the Ryanair. This study will depict about the strengths, failing, chances and menaces of the ryanair. We will besides analyze about the external environmental consequence by utilizing the political, Economical, societal, technological, environmental and legal analysis. There is briefly history of the ryanair which explain the investings and get downing jobs and boulder clay now, about the status of internally and externally environment of the ryanair. First discuss about the external environmental impact on the Ryanair and related to the scheme of the Ryanair. Basic nonsubjective and purpose is to supply low cost menu services and increase profitableness and to be a leader of market. By utilizing the technique of PESTAL analysis can calculate the environmental alteration. For the tester of environmental alteration have used different attacks like Bowmen ‘s scheme clock, Anoffs matrix, Michael ‘s porter ‘s scheme.

In add-on, for deciding explain the porter ‘s five force theoretical account which have help out in the analysis of the competitory advantage, new entrants, menaces of replacements. SWOT analysis is the best manner to analyze the internally status of the Ryanair. It has explained about the powerful component and weak elements and besides given the information about the new chances that Ryanair can acquire.

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Strategy Management:

Scheme is the manner and range of an organisation which achieve their ends in altering environments through its constellation of resources and competency with the purpose of carry throughing stakeholder desires over the long term periods.

There are following points which explain the term scheme:

Strategy is concerned with the long term planning of any organisation.

Strategy is concerned with range of any organisational activities.

Purpose of scheme is to accomplish some advantages for the organisation over competition.

Scheme is besides affected by the values and outlook of those who have power in and around the organisation, non merely environmental forces and strategic forces.

Main intent of scheme is to accomplish its purposes and end of organisation.

History of Ryanair:

Ryanair is one of the most aircraft in the universe including 44 bases and the 1100+ low menus more than 26 states linking with 175 states. Ryanair has been launched by Ryan household in 1985 with the portion capita & A ; lb ; 1 and 25 staff members. In 1986 ryanair has taken permission from British air passages and Aer linguis. Servicess are launched 1st turbo 46 seats aircraft from Dublin to London in May. After three twelvemonth rapid growing, in 1990 ryanair faced & A ; lb ; 20m accrued losingss and Ryan household has invested more & A ; lb ; 20m and as copying the southwest air hoses it was relaunched once more and made new schemes under the new managerial systems and reduces their menus from & A ; lb ; 99 to & A ; lb ; 59 return tickets. In 1991 ryanair has changes its bases from Lutin to new airdrome of London Stansted which had new terminal and direct nexus of rail services. With the transition of clip, ryanair has seen many alterations every twelvemonth. In 1995, Ryanair had untaken the British air passages and Aer linguis. And besides celebrated its tenth birthday with the great jubilation. It becomes biggest air path in the Europe and internationally and besides lowest menu rate air hose domestically. Ryanair growing increased quickly and employees receives portions of Ryanair and Ryanair received new Boeing aircrafts. In 2000, Ryanair has launched its web site for the benefit of clients like booking, adjustment, train installations and many more allowances every bit good. Furthermore, Ryanair has employed new employees and has developed calling. Ryanair besides promoted staff in 2007 and 2008.

External Environment:

Ryanair is largest low fingerstalls air hose in the Europe. Ryanair is the largest investment and achieved its growing in friendly environment. Ryanair scheme is seeking to better its public presentation more. Ryanair has replaced its old Boeing aircraft to the new developed engineering aircrafts. Ryanair besides reduces the usage of fuel and understate the ratio of CO2 per rider. Strategy of Ryanair is low cost menu and more profitableness. Ryanair besides use the point to indicate journey contriver and tried to non set downing during the manner. It besides tried to cut down the clip. Ryanair besides reduced to fondness and perturbation by the noise or aircraft. It used new engineering for less noise like new winglets and its aid out in decrease of noise. Ryanair is the really low cost which is non offered to passenger for free nutrient, drinks and many things. It safe thing non blow it. Ryanair has increased in touristry, employment degree, and substructure. Theses external component has great impact on the scheme of the ryanair. Ryanair has basic nonsubjective low menus and high net income and giving good client service to the riders. With the [ transition of clip scheme of ryanair is developed and many alterations incurred in it. Ryanair scheme is cut downing the costs which include forces, equipment cost, airport entree instead than its rivals. Furthermore, Ryan air with the high productive beginning is seeking to better its productiveness which helps in cut downing the labor cost.

Ryanair scheme:

After examine the SWOT analysis and Ryanair capablenesss now we can easy depict about the scheme of Ryanair. Ryanair has cost minimisation scheme through this it desire to be leader of market and want to derive competitory advantage. Ryanair scheme is seeking to concentrate on the air power industry, new fleets, and airdrome charges path services and pull offing selling cost etc. Basic purpose and aim of ryanair is to increase low menus services and by making continues advancement privation to be European low cost scheduled air hose.

Furthermore, Ryanair supplying low cost menus for those people who have travelled by other agencies of transit and besides those people did non of all time travel at all. Harmonizing to the statistical informations Ryanair has maintained the recode of promptness. Ryanair do point to indicate and non-stop paths which has reduced the cost of services. It besides increase the productiveness degree by utilizing work force which has aid out in understating labour cost. Ryanair besides offers Bonuss, compensation, committee on the footing of hours for the encouragement of staff and forces and crew member and pilot. Ryanair has new reserve system developed internet installation. Ryanair does non counterbalance with its safety regulations, staff preparation and quality insurance and do non widen its low cost scheme in theses country. For the repairing of the trades it has contract with the 3rd party harmonizing to the European air hoses otherwise mending and care work done by itself in London. Except all of these things ryanair take attention about the client service, supplying nutrient, drink, travel insurance, auto lease and adjustment and it besides provide telephonic reserve and different installations.

PESTEL Analysis of Ryanair:


In political analysis of ryanair include the internal and external stableness of political status in Europe states like Middle East. Ryanair has to follow New EU regulations and ordinance, enlargement and responsibility free gross revenues of merchandises. Government has aid to the ryanair to take it internationally. Government besides provided full security system to the ryanair.


Outside and inside economic system is different in the Europe. Inside economic system is stable while outside economic system is non stable. Price of fuel is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours and depreciation of US dollar besides increasing. There are some regional subsidies besides preferable in the ryanair analysis. Ryan air besides created linkage of between new extremely velocity trains and airdrome.


In societal analysis of ryanair, there is addition in gray selling and besides life style of traveling is altering twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. There is besides alteration in consumer ‘s demographics. Demand and penchants of consumers besides changed and fluctuated with the transition of clip.


Ryanair bought new fleets and advanced engineering aircrafts for the consumer ‘s satisfaction. It besides introduced new package programmes for the betterment in supply concatenation systems. Ryanair besides increase information engineering, chancing and competition in the market every bit good. Ryanair besides used satellite telecasting and besides seek to cut down fuel ingestion.


Ryanair has reduced noise pollution. It has used new technological system to cut down the noise. It besides saves the environment from unsafe gases like nursery CO2 emanation.


Ryanair has followed the legal Torahs. It has removed the illegal subsidies from airdrome. Ryanair besides claim illegal advertisement on the airdrome.

Forecasting Environmental alteration:

Michael ‘s porter generic scheme:

Porter ‘s generic scheme explains about the cost advantage and distinction focal point. This technique is suited for those companies who based on cost leading and distinction and focal point. By utilizing the cost leading scheme ryanair got the competitory advantage and market leading. Ryanair has earned really high net income in really short clip period by utilizing the low menus. Leadership scheme has given aid to the client for determination devising. It has offered to the client low menus and secondary to secondary flies by utilizing the distinction. Ryanair has purchases aircrafts non whole fleets but has given best client service.

Ansoff ‘s matrix:

Igor Ansoff focuses on the company ‘s present and possible merchandise /services and market state of affairs. There are four possible combinations of growing that is bing merchandise with new merchandise, bing market with new market, market development and merchandise development and variegation.

Ryanair has attracted the market towards itself by utilizing the form of low cost and sensible menus. Ryanair has diversified its staff harmonizing to the different location and finish. Ryanair is seeking to spread out its concern and developing the staff which will take it towards success.

Bowman ‘s scheme clock:

Bowman ‘s scheme clock explains competitory place of a company with comparing of rivals. We can analyze the job and troubles of Ryanair through this attack from last few old ages. There are eight different options which can depict the competitory place. These are as follows: low monetary value, depression added value, differentiated, intercrossed and focal point differentiated, increase criterion or monetary value, increased monetary value and low value or standard monetary value. From last few old ages ryanair has performed really affectional alterations due to its effectual managerial system. Ryanair has earned really high net income in really short clip by following the affectional clip agenda giving important value on the development of Ryanair.

National advantage by utilizing techniques of Ryanair:

There are different techniques through we can analyze the national advantage of ryanair.

Porter ‘s five force theoretical account:

By utilizing the porter ‘s five force theoretical account, we came to cognize about the value and importance of the ryanair in Europe market. It includes menace of new entrant, menace of replacement, competitory competition, dickering power of provider manus client.

Menace of new entrant mean need high net income for coming in the market degree and offer clients low menus. It ‘s hard high investing. It besides need flight mandate. Ryanair has menace of its replacement like ferries, Euro line, autos and rail services and many other replacements as good. It has besides menace from its clients it does n’t hold trueness trade name, no shift of the monetary values, no stopping point relationship with the client. Air coach and Boeing are the two chief provider of the ryanair and the switch cost from one provider to another is high because if they do this they need to retained their staff once more. Ryanair has more competitory power instead than little air hoses because they operate regional degree in little airdromes but ryanair operates on bog airdromes. Ryanair has menace of its clients, if the monetary values are sensitive than client can easy travel to other air hoses through on-line advertizement, booking and by offering good client service so we can non depend on the clients.

Furthermore, Price of the ryanair is the chief competitory component to others. There is non much distinction low cost monetary values to other air hoses. As LCC is the high competitory market there are opportunities to make the same thing. In market there are many rivals they can competition with the monetary values and net incomes but in bing state of affairs rivals can non vie with dead to dead competition by taking different service paths.

SWOT Analysis of Ryanair:

Swot Analysis describes the internal state of affairs of the administration. The chief intent of the SWOT analysis is to cognize about the strength, failing, menaces and chances of the administration. It is besides helpful to convey alterations in the scheme of the administration and came to cognize about the current the state of affairs and where administration standing and where it should hold to be.


Ryanair has strong trade name image and due to its strong trade name image it has reduced the barrier of entry to new airdromes and has increased the barriers for new entrant. Ryanair is foremost low menus cost air hose in the Europe and still maintained its image. London Stansted is the 1 of busiest air power traffic zones where are bases of ryanair operationalsing. Ryanair is the advanced and has aggressive selling quality. Ryanair has enhanced safety, higher fuel efficiency and properly income planning by offering low menus. Single aircrafts has help out in cut downing preparation, care and supervisory cost. Ryanair has reduced it labour cost by cut downing by non-unionised it labour forced.


Negative imperativeness study, hapless client services has bad impact on the trade name image of the ryanair. Ryanair have low degree of trained forces and besides give low degree of empathy and moral to the employees but ryanair need good trained trade forces. If any new revenue enhancements are applied on new menus it become cause of misleading, incorrect advertizement, misdirecting website become ground of sensitiveness of ryanair. Mobile phones and chancing besides non allowed during journey and it is detering the clients. Increase in the emanation of CO2 and fuel ingestion and it has bad impact on environment.


If ryanair start better concern paths and get down new operation by making amalgamation and acquisition. If ryanair fulfil the EU market demands so due to its low menu policy it can develop the economic system growing and increase the employment chances. OPEN SKY understanding can assist out to develop its concern path and consolidation of low menus. It can pull in-between category people for the traveling. Ryanair can besides acquire new fleet on rental and it will be good beginning of earning.


There many rivals in the market like LLC are direct rival of ryanair which has affected the portion market. Rich people and upper category people do n’t prefer low menu they want good and high category service so that is besides menace for the ryanair. It can make job to do determination in future. New regulations and ordinance can be menace for the ryanair, might be it can emphasis to increase the cost. Menace of war and bad conditions can make job in journey contrivers.

Strategic capablenesss of Ryanair:

Strategic capablenesss mean those accomplishments and ability that help out to achiveve the phase of surveillance of market. It has two types.




Threshold resources:

Ryanair includes Flights, office equipment, caput quarters, finance resources and employees.

Core resources:

Ryanair has besides nucleus resources which is CEO Michael O’Leary.


Threshold competencies:

It includes on-line banking system, operation of on clip bringing,

point to indicate routing.

Core competencies:

Core competency of ryanair is low cost, no frill scheme and path policy scheme.

All of these capablenesss of the ryanair are the portion of the SWOT. We can come to cognize about the resources of the ryanair and which nucleus constructs and threshold are includes. It is besides helpful in analysis of scheme of ryanair.

Ryanair competitory advantage:

Ryanair have competitory advantage because of its low menus, no frills, point to indicate battles, online engagement, tickles get oning and no refund policies and many more. Except theses there are many grounds like marketing on airdromes, no lading service, new air trade ‘s, new fleets and ryanair have corporate partnership which is the ground of high productiveness degree. Ryanair besides provide basic services during journeys.

Decision and recommendations:

At the terminal, in my point of position Ryanair should hold to maintain on its rivals which scheme techniques they are utilizing like Virgin air hose are utilizing Bowman scheme clock so it should hold to utilize it. Ryanair should hold to offer high and good quality service with low monetary values through these clients will pull more. Yip and Johnson has appraised on their article Transforming Strategy that if the company is offering lower cost with the lower scheme has no work and can non vie with their challengers. Ryanair has tried to hit the specific market like Ireland UK market by organise growing programs. Ryanair thinks that by increasing the quality service and paths from UK to Europe where the high cost service are available, it can increase the gross revenues. Therefore, Ryanair scheme low menu, good service, no frill scheme can do more net income and can increase their income degree every bit good as they can jump in relation with the stakeholders client and riders.

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