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Strategic Planning And A Business Strategy

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    A concern scheme of an organisation indicates how it ‘s traveling to success in the market place. In today ‘s extremely competitory and dynamic market concerns try to procure and specify their hereafter with the best schemes.

    Major driver for a concern scheme is the right attack of the demands of its mark clients.

    British Telecom, as a market leader in the information and telecommunications plyed cardinal function in developing a scheme non merely in the organisation but in the full telecommunications industry in the United Kingdom.

    In this papers I have researched and described the strategic corporation development history and the current strategic state of affairs of British Telecom, farther I have elaborated the recommendations and the picks available for the company in its manner frontward.

    Sending information over distances has become really easy today because of the huge varied engineerings available in the universe. Get downing from the nomadic phone, fixed telephone, wireless and Television today ‘s engineering has driven to 4th coevals Mobile webs, IP multimedia communicating subsystems & A ; satellite telecommunications.

    Today there is immense figure of private telecommunications concerns in the UK. Among them as a telephone ( nomadic and fixed ), telecasting merchandises and services, broadband and IT solution supplier, British Telecom holds a particular place.

    The company operates overseas in 170 states with more than 1800 merchandises and services functioning places and persons, domestic concerns, transnational companies, Government organisations.

    Chapter 1

    Strategic Corporation Development History

    In 1969 the Pacific Time office act of Britain to the full nationalized the Governement Post Office ( GPO ) as the Post Office go forthing a monopoly of telecommunication to a new section ‘Post office communicating ‘ division.

    The British telecom act of 1981 separated the telecommunication services from station office which resulted in two different corporations.

    BT was privatized in 1984 and before that it was keeping a legal monopoly over fixed telephone lines in the Britain. Before denationalization the company wanted to command its fiscal systems and streamline the fiscal and operational procedures in early 1980s, which did non go a success.

    As a consequence of this in 1982 a new national fixed line web operator was introduced to vie with BT. New organisation was a subordinate of “ Cable and Wireless ” and was named as “ Mercury ”. With this debut it created a duopoly in the market in telecommunication. Government in 1983 announced of a Duopoly policy enabling the two companies to be in the market without farther competition for the following seven old ages.

    In the average clip the authorities made BT a private company in 1984 by selling 50.2 % of its portions.

    The procedure of denationalization was planned to be conducted in either of the below schemes.

    Making BT an integrated company

    Restructuring BT by dividing distance and local services

    The authorities decided to follow the first method with tonss of support from BT ‘s so direction. But BT was forbidden from carry oning some services.

    In 1991 the duopoly period ended. The liberalisation of the industry bit by bit had taken topographic point by this clip.

    Developments during the period of Duopoly

    During this period the industry had a soft passage due to the deficiency of competition in the market. Role of ordinance supported BT a batch in their growing and it had a batch of dickering power.

    There was no menace of new entrants and BT had a immense power over both its providers and purchasers. The competition created by the “ Mercury ” was minimum and BT had an advantage over competition. But the duopoly status bit by bit helped BT to pass through to a competitory market.

    In this papers I ‘m analysing the schemes company went through get downing from 1991.

    Developments after 1991

    In 1991 BT came up with new vision of “ going taking telecommunication operator in the UK market ”. This was a really of import point when it comes to strategic development of the company.

    In 1991 when the telecommunication market was opened for competition BT started its first major restructuring procedure. After one twelvemonth of reorganisation the new construction was introduced with tonss of occupation cuts. It was a market sector focused construction. The three focal point country were the single clients, domestic concerns and transnational concerns.

    In order to spread out worldwide, the company began the first stairss by making strategic confederations with abroad companies. As a consequence of this in 1993 BT started a joint venture with American telecommunication supplier “ MCI ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ). By 1995 due to transnational demands, BT started several confederations with international companies. ( e.g. Italian BNL, German VIAG Interkom KG, Swedish Telenordia etc. )

    Below given “ Ansoff Matrix ” ( Product market growing matrix ) shows that the company was following a ‘Market Development ‘ from 1991 to 1995 as it was advancing bing telecommunication merchandises and services into new markets through confederations.

    Picture, downloaded from Google images.

    In 1996, in add-on to the bing scheme, the company took new stairss to widen the merchandise lines with synergistic advanced multimedia services. New mark markets were set in American, European and Asia Pacific parts. During this period new originative thoughts were brought into the concern such as synergistic services and pictures for place shopping.

    The focal point behind these stairss were to do BT a planetary telecom participant. By the terminal of 1996 BT was making the first largest cyberspace in the universe with a new strategic attack of ‘Merging ‘ with MCI ( Company Web hypertext transfer protocol: // ).

    This partnership ended in the terminal 1997 Worldcom ‘s ( Company Web hypertext transfer protocol: // ) massive offer of $ 37 B for MCI.

    When analysing the critical success factors of BT from 1995 to 1997 few focal points of the company are clearly seeable. They are listed below:

    International/global focal point across civilizations,

    Differentiation through mobile/internet engineerings and invention,

    New merchandise developments,

    Alliances and merges.

    Harmonizing to the “ Ansoff Matrix ” this period was focused on “ Diversification ”. When analysing, it can be noticed that this period created nucleus competences for BT.

    In mid 1998 BT and AT & A ; T ( Company Web hypertext transfer protocol: // ) created a joint venture to unite the international operations of the two companies to derive advantage over rivals. Lots of international concerns were seeking for an international telephone service supplier by the twelvemonth 1998. BT focused on this market section.

    In 2000 BT released its physical connexions to other telecom service suppliers linking them from their clients to exchanges.

    Dynamic economic system of the millenary forced BT to concentrate on its financials as fiscal jobs started to arise. Third coevals mobile engineering was initiated during this clip as BT won the command for 3G licence which left the company in a monolithic debt.

    Changing market and economic status enforced BT for another strategic alteration in terminal 2000. BT separated its concern into 5 entities and the mission was to near voice and information markets in the UK and in Europe. In order to execute this scheme BT formed two single quoted companies named BT radio and Future BT.

    ( Information – hypertext transfer protocol: // q=bt % 20structure & A ; um=1 & A ; ie=UTF )

    In terminal 2001 BT radio separated from the company. This period from 1998 up to 2002 was a concern system focused period for BT. Even though there were alterations, chief mark of the company was “ Market Penetration ”.

    The communicating act of 2003 introduced Ofcom ( the ordinance organic structure of the industry ) with three chief countries of consideration. Those were

    Expanding the fixed telephone web

    Scheme for the people with particular demands

    Call box services

    ( Information – hypertext transfer protocol: // )

    In 2004, 21st century web engineering was introduced to BT. This system uses internet protocols to execute calling alternatively of traditional PSTN systems.

    In 2005 BT made two major acquisitions with Infonet and Albacom and the coverage of the company was expanded on the same twelvemonth. From twelvemonth 2006 to 2009 Bt had made five major acquisitions. (, PlusNet PLC, International Network services, Rabbit ).

    BT took an advanced measure in 2006 by presenting BT Home HUB.

    In 2008 BT acquired Wire One Communications which resulted the company to be the market leader in picture conferencing. Recent history shows that it is concentrating on highly advanced countries of the industry to derive competitory advantage via technological invention.

    ( Image – hypertext transfer protocol: // um=1 & A ; hl=en & A ; biw=1138 & A ; bih=585 & A ; terbium )

    When looked in to the strategic corporate development of the company the company is built up on huge figure of acquisitions and merges. In certain state of affairss in the history BT functioned as a Cost Leader but recent history indicates the distinction scheme of the company. Above diagram of “ Porter ‘s Generic Strategies ” gives an thought about the place of BT with its distinctions and wide range.

    Chapter 2

    Current Strategic Situation of BT

    In this subdivision, I have made a strategic analysis of BT to measure the current strategic state of affairs of the company. Understanding the environment which concern operates is the cardinal country of analysis.

    The Mission of British Telecom is to “ supply differentiated solutions and tailored services to clients, construct new mobs to market and manage productively developing merchandises and services ”. ( Information – hypertext transfer protocol: // )

    PEST analysis of BT reviles following information.

    Political impact

    BT operates with the authorities ordinances of the UK and EU as a individual entity. Even though the market is wholly deregulated, BT has to do alterations harmonizing to the political state of affairss. The telecommunication ordinance organic structure of the UK is Ofcom. It is responsible for puting up policies, researching and analysing competition, licensing and protecting consumers.

    The authorities through Ofcom looks at the possible concern and instruction chances through cyberspace and wants consumers to pay relatively lower monetary values than other developed parts of the universe.

    ( Refer Appendix 1 Timeline of UK ordinance 1985 to 2009 )

    The authorities efforts to implement regulations to forbid the illegal stuff transferred via cyberspace. This makes internet service suppliers to pay for extremely expensive firewall systems. Spam e-mails and web sites are needed to be passed through filters in order to place the quality of the stuff received by the consumer. The authorities has stated that downloading copyright stuff through cyberspace is a menace. BT faces these issues when the concern is executed.

    Economic Impact

    The planetary economic system is presently fighting to retrieve from the recession. This economic downswing has created a lag in the telecommunication markets. But unlike other industries telecommunication industry is non affected majorly by this. But the companies separately suffered a batch.

    Deregulation of the market had made companies earn lower borders due to higher competition. When it comes to fixed line communications the developed economic systems have a high market incursion and the developing economic systems have a strong growing in the industry.

    Social Impact

    While the developing markets look for more voice telecommunications, developed markets like UK are traveling from voice to informations. Some concerns and domestic users are non bothered to maintain fixed line communicating at their premises and high disposable income is spent on informations.

    Presents with the busy lives people maintain their relationships utilizing the engineering. During the old yearss telephone were promoted utilizing the construct of relationship edifice. But in today ‘s society, relationship edifice has become highly popular through societal networking web sites like facebook, chirrup etc.

    Modern society ‘s concern platform is the cyberspace. Amazon, e-bay are believed to be the standard market places in today ‘s universe.

    Technological Impact

    Technology has breakthrough and emerging tendencies. With the latest broadband engineerings telecommunication tendencies should be supported with high quality invention to derive advantages.

    Today ‘s markets expect low cost engineerings and new constructs such as energy economy, infinite economy, disposable, reclaimable etc.

    Porter ‘s five forces analysis

    In its history and at present the UK is moving as a market leader in the extremely competitory telecommunication industry. Since the clip BT was deregulated, 1000s of new rivals entered the market to supply telecommunications services. Michael Porter ‘s five forces analysis is a technique to utilize to place BT ‘s place in the competitory industry.

    As EU initiated new ordinances model for telecommunication industry in 1998 the telecom monopolies were ended and it encouraged competition. In this competitory environment the UK acts the function of the cardinal market place.

    Competitive competition has become high and progressively turning today. The industry growing affect globally. The new engineerings are invented mundane to the industry. Peoples move to the cheapest and the trendiest engineerings.

    Highly high substructure costs and the bing competition de-motivate new entrants to the industry. This has reduced the menace of new entrants.

    Buyer power has become highly high as low cost better trades are available in the market. The shift costs have become low due to inventions and competition.

    Current market portion of BT

    Beginning: IT Candor derived from Ofcom, The communications market 2008

    Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis of BT


    BT presently dominates the telecom market in the United Kingdom with its broadband cyberspace service, fixed line telephone web and public phone booths through out 28M clients. BT owns widest communicating coverage in the UK.

    As a extremely capitalized FTSE 100 company BT is extremely reputed and listed in NYSE and London stock exchanges.

    BT globally holds its concerns in 170 states which makes them available anyplace across the Earth. It follows an enlargement scheme through acquisitions and merges outside UK.

    BT uses the province of the art engineering to give the company a competitory border in the market. ( The best illustration of this is BT ‘s motion from Public Switched Telephone Network to Internet Protocol Telephone System by passing ?10 Billion. This new engineering is besides referred to as twenty-first Century Network. )


    BT lacks in coverage and development of nomadic communicating webs.

    BT has gained a negative image in their client service. As the client web grew up BT lost its path on client relationship direction.

    Lack of publicity and advertisement on new innovations before they are released to the market.


    Internet telecommunication services utilizing the new twenty-first century web will convey cost benefits and a competitory border due to distinction. This will enable uncomparable cheaper voice dealing.

    Quickly emerging new engineerings and tendencies and the demand generated through them makes companies to execute uninterrupted invention. This is an first-class concern chance for good established BT

    BT ‘s latest invention, the trading platform BT Tradescape is a extremist construct of conveying concerns and clients into the same societal media platform to bring forth close relationships across supply ironss.

    Expansion of BT vision digital Television, which is presently available for BT clients.

    Worldwide spouses and the handiness of the company created through them makes BT function anyplace in the universe.


    The lag of the market due to the recognition crunch and the psychological science generated through it which makes people pass less is a menace.

    Competing in a extremely competitory market place with cost leaders and differentiates such as Google, O2, Orange, Vodaphone etc ( Information – hypertext transfer protocol: // )

    Lack of IT related in-between direction as BT stopped enlistings of alumnuss in 2009 due to the recognition crunch. ( Information hypertext transfer protocol: // )

    Even though BT works difficult to keep high CRM criterions, the negative psychological science and the word of oral cavity of people on client services of the company generates a menace.

    Fiscal hazards in the bond markets, pull offing fundss in today ‘s economic fluctuations.

    In order to prolong in the current market BT is concentrating on five cardinal issues.

    ( Information – hypertext transfer protocol: // )

    Making a well working communicating market for clients

    Achieving sustainable competition

    Looking for the possibilities of decrease in ordinance

    Making investings in the hereafter compatible engineerings and webs

    Separating structural and operational maps

    BT presently operates in following concern countries

    Retail – As at today BT has 18.3 million clients served by 18000 employees in its communications market. BT continuously focuses on invention and new market chances to turn the concern farther. In 2007/ 2008 BT had a gross of ? 8.48 billion from its retail concern.

    Sweeping – BT provides merchandises and services to UK concerns through its webs. BT handles 300 million a twenty-four hours and 350 million cyberspace connexions a month through their webs. More than 700 nomadic, fixed and internet communications suppliers have partnered with BT.

    BT Global Services – Large organisations that operate in multiple geographic locations are helped with the concern communications via BT ‘s Global Services.

    BT Operate – This service provides executions and operations support of communications services for domestic residential clients, communications suppliers and planetary endeavors.

    BT Innovate and design – This country of concern delivers strategic inventions that improve velocity, heighten client experience and cut down costs.

    Openreach – This unit of the concern maintains and owns the entree web that connects Britain ‘s communications suppliers to their clients.

    BT ‘s policy is to accomplish best patterns in all their operations. Making immense investings in R & A ; D to better IT and concern engineering has brought BT expertness in ICT. They presently hold one of the universe ‘s largest R & A ; D installations for new inventions.

    Chapter 3

    Strategic waies for the hereafter

    Based on the research conducted in the first two chapters, BT ‘s future scheme can be defined utilizing four chief countries or beds. Failings of each bed should be eliminated after analysing the root causes. The chief countries of the four layered scheme are as follows:

    Network connectivity, substructure and mobility

    Enterprise and other application, direction

    Outsources enterprise

    Business transmutation


    In the above strategic attack Layer 1 consists of two chief concerned countries Network connectivity and Enterprise substructure.

    Network connectivity sub-layer focal points on general client satisfaction. The scheme used in this subdivision is described below.

    IP networking is BT ‘s latest technological tool which I have already explained in above subdivisions. This provides inexpensive voice and informations connexions for the clients. In order to derive maximal attractive force BT can use the 21 Century Network ‘s upper limit end product and supply added security and consistence in connexions.

    Non UK Voice connexion will be supplying voice telecommunication in non UK countries or where of all time the twenty-first Century Network is non implemented. This will follow “ Market incursion ” as no drastic alterations will be made ab initio.

    Enterprise Infrastructure: This sub bed ‘s focal points on ICT substructure demands of Organizations.

    LAN Management will run into the wired and wire less local country web demands of clients. Customer premises equipment ( CPE ) direction includes installings and constellations of substructure.

    For illustration, BT ‘s effort to supply wired connectivity by fiber ocular overseas telegrams will make unbeatable advantages as no other supplier has initiated this. BT has already invested ? 2.5 Billion on this undertaking and its mark is to cover 40 % of the UK by 2012 and 66 % of the UK by 2015.

    Layer 2 – Mobility is a chief country which I have denoted as a failing of BT in the SWOT analysis. BT should put their missions to make location independent, platform independent nomadic solutions for their clients. Real clip information is extremely demanded in today ‘s busy lives. Location independence reduces clip and cost of going or gesture. Mobile and flexible work environments should supply quality connectivity to rolling clients. Therefore I believe there will be a immense possible advantage in traveling on to nomadic solutions. But BT should derive nucleus competences in order to derive maximal net incomes as the market is already created and dominated by service suppliers such as Google, O2, Tom Tom etc.

    Application direction country chiefly concerns on confidence in BT ‘s solutions. It will pull clients by supplying services such as excess warrants via BT ‘s Application Assured Infrastructure, application integrating for concerns via BT ‘s i-Bus. Proper content direction will heighten client attraction by informations warehousing ( i.e. storing, managing and presenting informations ).

    Enterprise applications sub bed will concentrate on good controlled telecommunication services. Customer relationship direction should be the chief focal point country of this bed as BT presently receives a immense figure of disgruntled client reactions. ( explained in SWOT analysis ). Customers should be given adequate entree through different & A ; state of affairs compatible media. BT can utilize their internal engineerings to better client dealingss.

    Layer 3 – Outsourcing can give BT tonss of cost economy chances. As BT is already partnered with a immense figure of companies worldwide, the company should measure and analyse the best locations to carry on undertakings that will salvage clip and cost while supplying improved quality.

    Layer 4 – This bed focuses on supplying best value to the clients by consultancy, professional services and system integratings. When concerns are transacted through BT ‘s telecommunication platforms, executing the undertakings of this bed will add value to the minutess. By making this BT will be turn toing certain concern demands of its clients.

    Following the recommended four superimposed strategic attack will take the company to accomplish its ends and chance in the concern.


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