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Salary Caps in Professional Sports

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“Major League Baseball has the least amount of revenues going to player payroll than any other sport, which is 52%. Compared to 56. 7% in the NHL, 57% in the NBA, and 59% in the NFL. ” To some people this is proof that baseball doesn’t need a cap, but in reality Major League Baseball is becoming far too dominated by big market teams, and a salary cap should be put in place. The lack of a salary cap is simply bad for baseball. The Yankees, for example, buy all of the big-time star players.

This upgrades their roster, and makes them win championships way too frequently.

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Salary Caps in Professional Sports
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This happens because they have a lot more money than other teams, and aren’t afraid to spend it. This isn’t even close to being fair to the smaller market teams. A salary cap is more likely to even the playing field throughout the MLB, and hopefully mix up the usually tough contenders in both the American, and National leagues.

Who wants to go to Major League Baseball games to watch nothing but prospects. Well that’s about the case with some smaller market teams in the league such as Texas, Baltimore, Tampa Bay, and Oakland.

These teams need to be able to get people to the ballpark, and the only way to do that is to sign some big name talent. On the other hand, if you were a player given offers of the same salary by two different teams, and one of them being New York, the other being Kansas City, where would you go? Obviously New York. So who’s to say that salary cap would actually work? At least small teams would have a chance and the ability to sign veteran all-star players, because without the salary cap, there’s no way. To hear far too many tell it, a salary cap is the panacea for all that ails baseball. ” There are many theories and examples that support the other side’s argument as well for example, the NBA and NFL both have salary caps, but baseball is nothing like these sports.

It’s a whole different situation. Many people argue that MLB only needs a revamping if baseball’s revenue-sharing model, and also that salary caps in sports are far too easily manipulated. Another example is that the Yankees don’t always win ecause of an amazing surplus of talent; they are a veteran team that knows how to win. In my eye the Yankees are a monopoly in baseball, and definitely need to be slowed down, which could be done by the installation of a salary cap. To conclude, the proof is all here to prove that a salary cap is much needed, because of all the dominating, big market teams. A salary cap will in the end stop this and make Major League Baseball much more fair to all teams on the market, big or small. Hopefully everyone else will realize this, and get it installed as soon as possible.

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