Scarlet Letter Hesters Diary Entry - English-language films Essay Example

I couldn’t believe what was happening, for the first time I come face to face with my husband when he was called to my prison cell to provide me medical assistance - Scarlet Letter Hesters Diary Entry introduction. Its about time he did something, he’s done nothing but left me alone in darkness of this evil cold cell. He then offers me a cup of medicine, at this point I then become speechless. However, I know his true identity therefore I refuse to drink his potion. He assures me that there is no poison and claims that he wants me to live so that he can have his revenge.

He urges me to reveal the identity of my lover telling me that he will most definitely detct signs of sympathy that will lead him to the guilty party. But when I refuse tell him my secret, he makes me promise not to reveal to anyone his own identity either. Boy, he sure did have a demoniacal grin that lead me to burst out the speculation that he may be the “Black Man”. Well its been a few months, and I am finally released from prison and I have the choice to leave Boston but instead I choose not to do so. So I have settled down in a little abandoned cabin at the edge of town.


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I have kept myslef separated from everyone else, including the town fathers, respected women, beggars, children, and even strangers. . I am basically considered an outcast. I am only able to support myself due to my uncommon talent in neddle work. Through my work I have touched all the major events of life except for marriage, however I am still constantly aware of my alienation from everyone else. I have been searching for companionship or even sympathy. I have devoted part of my time to charity work now, but even this is not making me feel any better.

The people I help constantly insult me, sometimes I just want to quit and give up. Though I must say I am truly thankful to have such a treasure as my daughter Pearl. Pearls very being seems to be inherently at odds with the strict rules of the Puritan Society, she has inherited all of my moods, passions, and she constantly makes mischief. I still love Pearl and I often worry about her. I tried to teach her about God and she exclaimed that she had no heavenly father. But I hate that upon just because she is my companion.

She knows that she is alone in this world and she often makes imaginary characters in her mind to keep her company. I notice that Pearl is just blown away by the scralet letter and at times seems to intentionally hurt me by playing with it. One day she was peltinf the letter with wildflowers, and I’m like “Child, what are thou? ” and then she has the nerve to switch the question back on me demanding me to tell her of her origins. I was flabbergasted at the statement from a child so young. Then I began to see that she might not be the demon child that many of the townspeople see her as.

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