School Uniforms Have Many Issues

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Nine out of ten kids that use school uniforms said they didn’t like the uniforms? One in five schools or 20% of schools in America use this school uniform policy. School uniforms aren’t a new thing. They were introduced all the way back in 16th century England. School uniforms have many issues and should not be required in public schools.

Student uniforms have many drawbacks. They can cause students to resent each other. In an article published by Courtney Burke on about her experience with school uniforms. She claims students judge each other in more trivial ways such as how they look and what their physical abilities are. School uniforms also promote cultural intolerance. In a school in Australia not named in the article due to hate being sent to the school. In Australia there are many cultures sixteen year old twins were targeted by the school for their hair braids they had always had at the school and for their whole life. The hair braids were a key part of their cultural identity. Apparently the hair braids went against the new school uniform code. The school removed the dress code entirely after accusations saying the school was racist. Student uniforms can also cause extra stress to families. In a survey in Dayton, Ohio saids for every ten parents nine are worried about the price of school uniforms. In conclusion school uniforms have a lot of drawbacks which are student resentment towards each other,Culture intolerance,extra stress to the families.

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Some school administrators think that school uniforms help students more than they negatively affect them. Traditional clothing can distract students but student uniforms can make it even harder to concentrate for students. Some people think school uniforms can be more uncomfortable and distracting than normal clothing. Also if a students outfit is uncomfortable they can wear something more comfortable the next day instead of being stuck in the same outfit. Some parents think traditional clothing is more expensive but in reality most school uniforms are more expensive than traditional clothing.

In a study of all the schools in Georgia the average school uniform is anywhere between 450-600$ compared to traditional clothing average year price 500-550$. School uniforms have shown to be more uncomfortable and more expensive than normal clothing.

School uniforms have many flaws but the biggest flaw is that they violate a kids freedom of expression. But there are benefits to this like students can customize the button color of their uniform at most schools. But the bad side of this is that it can promote gang colors which is a huge reason for even using school uniforms. This can also lead to kids getting pierced to express themselves. Also kids can only express themselves so much through buttons. Another benefit to school uniforms is it can stop kids from getting distracted. But in reality school uniforms can negatively affect students from being distracted and can make it worse. For example if a student is not comfortable in their uniform it can distract them more than normal clothing can because students can change into something more comfortable with traditional clothing instead of being stuck in the same uniform. To conclude school administrators should not take away kids’ freedom of expression. It leads kids to harmful ways to express themselves. School uniforms also can cause kids to not be able to concentrate in class because they are uncomfortable.

In conclusion school uniforms have many issues and should not be required in public schools. They can cause extra stress as shown in a survey in Dayton. Ohio claiming nine out of ten parents are stressed about the price of school uniforms. Many school administrators think they are a good thing but they can cause kids to express themselves in harmful ways such as piercings. It can also cause kids to be uncomfortable and distracted in class. With all these drawbacks school uniforms have more negative than positives.

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