Issue of School Uniforms Is Not so Important

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Until President Clinton brought attention to the issue in his State of the Union address, mandatory public school uniform policies were sporadic local occurrences. Some school districts had quietly been experimenting with uniforms for years, but President Clinton became interested after the Long Beach, California school district released data suggesting that its mandatory uniform policy had led to decreases in vandalism and fighting, as well as higher test scores, within just one year. With the President’s endorsement, school uniforms have become a federal education policy. However, whether uniforms are a good idea remains uncertain. The superintendent of the Long Beach School District believes that the district’s data showing decreases in student misconduct proves that uniforms work. However, other measures to improve student behavior, such as increasing teacher presence during class changes, were also implemented around the same time as the uniform policy.

Without conducting further research, it is difficult to confidently attribute the changes solely to the uniforms. Due to a lack of empirical evidence, it cannot be definitively stated that uniforms consistently lead to long-term improvements in student behavior. School uniform policies should be seen as experimental and come with practical challenges.

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President Clinton expressed his support for uniforms as a means to prevent violence over designer jackets amongst teenagers. However, the uniform policy in Long Beach, like other policies throughout the country, only applies to elementary and middle school students, not teenagers. While younger children may be open to wearing uniforms and even enjoy them, teenagers have a different perspective. It is widely understood that adolescence is a stage when young individuals strive to express their uniqueness and individuality, often through fashion. Some political cartoonists have humorously pointed out that teenagers already follow a type of uniform consisting of baggy pants, T-shirts, and backwards-worn baseball caps.

Teenagers have the freedom to choose their own clothing styles, and it is not mandatory for them to wear uniforms. High school administrators and teachers are reluctant to implement uniform policies because they anticipate resistance from teenagers. Moreover, in order for a public school uniform policy to be lawful, students must have the option to opt out if they so desire. Every child has the right to receive an education at a public school regardless of whether or not they follow a uniform policy. Some parents and children may also have religious objections towards wearing uniforms.

Some individuals may opt not to wear school uniforms due to personal preferences. It is hard to imagine most teenagers willingly choosing uniforms if given the option. Moreover, promoting school uniforms fails to address complex problems that lack simple solutions. It is disheartening to witness our political leaders prioritize uniforms while neglecting issues such as deteriorating school infrastructure, overcrowded classrooms, and insufficient education funding. The focus on uniforms diverts attention from more meaningful reforms that could greatly improve student behavior and academic performance. Implementing changes like constructing appealing and secure school buildings, reducing class sizes, providing well-equipped libraries, new computers, and a variety of elective courses including music, drama, and art would have a lasting and significant impact on students.

However, it would necessitate investing in our public school system instead of divesting.


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