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Restructuring of Jahnavi: A Female Magazine

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JAHNAVI- A female magzine Read the Case Study and answer the questions Jahnavi is leading female cum family entertainment most Cultured magazine from last forty four years in the market with four lakhs as readership base. Its most of the readership is based in northern India. The unique part of Jahanvi Magazine is,it cannot be available at book shops and OTC, reader has to subscribe for it then read it. Magazine got Certificate from Directorate of Education of almost seven states as most culture and informative magazine.

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Restructuring of Jahnavi: A Female Magazine
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This is the only magazine in India with 27,865 paid subscribers and considered to be generations subscribed magazine as 248 Subscibers from last 40 years,782 subscribers from last 32 years and 1047 subscriber from 20 years and so on. If we follow ethics of print media, ads in the magazine should not be more than 20% of total printed pages and Jahnavi is following the same since its inception in comparison to their competitors with almost 50% pages for ads .

One of the reader behaviors study also states that if ads will be more than concentration, keenness’, seriousness and responsiveness will be less even for ads because reader is buying a magazine not the ad magazine.

The Jahnavi magazines contains interviews of female IAS/IPS, Parliamentarian, Padam Shri Awardees, Business Class, Chairperson of organization, Hollywood celebrity ,stories, jokes special digest on cooking, weaving etc, sudoko,games ,career information’s ,Female functions across India and lots more.

Vedaant Consultancy Group has assigned the task of overall Branding, Marketing, Advertising and Restructuring of magazine in complete form for next two years. Project is in two ways i. e. Corporate space selling and increasing the readership base to fifty lakhs and paid subscriber to two lakhs. Company started Jahnavi Culture Movement Programme(JCMP) ,major concern is the Corporate base which is divided into concerned category(A) and regular category(B) In concerned category (A) :

Base 1. Gems & Jewellary Base 2. Cosmetics Base3. Lingeries Base4. Kitchen Appliances Base5. Health Conscious Clubs Base6. Saress&Dress Material Base7. Retail Co Base 8. Women Institute Base9. Kids Product In regular category (B) Base1. All PSUs’ Base2. Banks-Nationalised & Pvt Banks Base 3. Brand Recall Co Q1 As a Manager-Business Development, What are the creative & Innovative methods you adopt for Corporate Selling ? 2 Marks Mention yours points specific for base only(Any Four base with at least five points each) Q2 Company is moving state wise all girls/women schools/Institute/Colleges for increasing readership base to make two lakhs . 8 Marks Being Manager-Readership Development , what are innovative and creative steps you will take(U can also mention ur linkage with any institute and corporate ? ——————

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Restructuring of Jahnavi: A Female Magazine. (2018, Jan 25). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/restructuring-of-jahnavi-a-female-magazine/

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