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Service Case Jyske Bank

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They also incorporated the “hard factors”(Price and Product) and “soft factors” (essentially building relationships with the customers) They also created new IT teams that helped the customers figure out exactly what they needed The bank also changed its premium because the services they were providing ere expensive Also the bank created a personality, which can be considered risky because realistically you will loose and gain customers because not everyone will always like you 2.

What changes did the bank make to get to its new position? What effect did these changes have? One change it made was with creating customer loyalty, and by doing that they knew they had to build a relationship with the team.

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Service Case Jyske Bank
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The created account teams so that each customer was assigned a group of bankers so employees could work together and really know and serve each ustomer They also changed the Branch design -Having coffee available while you wait, having fruit for children, office tables became round signifying equality The made sure all staff was extremely well trained and sense they were going with “trust” as a big part of there personality they allowed loans to be less reviewed having trust in there employees to use common sense, employees were given the ability to make many decisions 3.

Analyze Jyske Bank’s success using the Service Quality Gaps Model found in Chapter 1) Listening Gap was bettered because it is almost impossible to lways know everything the customer wants, the company didn’t consider any detail to small the employees were always wanting to provide for there customer no matter have trivial the detail might be 2) Sen,’ice Design and Standers Gap was met when they created with new IT systems that helped each customer get exactly the kind of care they needed to be taken care of and have any problem solved 3) The Service Performance Gap was met when customers no longer had one employee trying to meet their needs but a team of 4 to 5 employees trying to always satisfy the customer 4) The Communication Gap was met in ways of not only trying to get the customers to feel they are a trust worthy company but also allowing the employees to be trusted with decisions such as bank loans and real incentives for doing there job well 4.

What are Jyske Bank’s strategies for closing the 5 gaps in the model? The strategies used for closing the gaps were not only met by satisfying what the customer wanted but what the employees wanted. As listed above each gap was enhanced, from changing the core values ofthe company, the roles mployees were now allowed to play, the way management worked and was in control and the total position from the banks new personality to the environment that is offered while visiting the bank it self 5. In your opinion can Jyske Bank sustain its growth and success? Would you invest in Jyske Bank? do think it can sustain its growth because the service they provide is good quality.

When service is good people are happy and continuous good service is hard to keep because keeping employees happy so they keep customers happy can be a difficult task. Which is why creating a team creates a higher probability of keeping employees happy because they know they are not alone with that customer. would invest in a bank like this because I feel it is genuine. To me the concepts on trust really make the difference, why should I personally trust an employee when the company doesn’t trust them.

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