AB Bank Limited – Case Study

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AB Bank Limited, the first private sector bank under Joint Venture with Dubai Bank Limited, UAE incorporated in Bangladesh on 31st December 1981 and started its operation with consequence from April 12, 1982.


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Internal beginnings

Owner’s nest eggs:The proprietor of a concern usually has to utilize their ain peculiar financess to get down a concern. This is for the ground that Bankss may non be enthusiastic to take a hazard and finance in them. Therefore, they use their personal nest eggs to get down a new concern.

Capital from net incomes:Once an organisation has started runing it may be able to put the money that it makes as net income back in the concern. This means that even better net incomes may be made in the forthcoming.

Working capital:This is a method of beginning the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours money needed to pay the measures for the company to go on trading. Working capital is the current assets of the concern minus its current liabilities.

Gross saless of fixed assets:Fixed resourcesenable theirpossessorto carry on its processs by selling their assets which is non needed in the company any longer to get down a new venture.

External beginnings

Banks:An establishment approved by a authorities to accept sedimentations, , wage involvement, make loans, clear cheques, act as an mediator in fiscal minutess, and present other fiscal services to its consumers.Constructing societies:A supportive whose participants their capitals in order to offer commercial and loaning services, such as mortgages. It is similar to a bank or recognition brotherhood.

Hire purchase:Amethodof obtaining something by giving an sum on a regular basis at the terminal of each month.

Renting:A legal title sketching the standings under which one party agrees to rent ownerships from another party. Both the leaseholder and the lease giver must keep the footings of the contract for the rental to remain effectual.

Venture capitalists:An investor who makes money gettable for imaginative programs.

Factorization:A back uping manner in which an industry proprietor trades histories receivable at a price reduction to a third-party support beginning to increase money.

Share Issues:The sum of a business’s portions that are held by shareholders. A company can, at any period, publish new stocks up to the full sum of countenance portion capital.

Friends or household:When a company is in demand of fiscal resources they might impart it from a friend or from a household member to work out the fiscal demands.

Government grants:A public support offered to a receiver for organizationor personal intents. The subsidy is non expected to be paid back. The grant offering typically includes footings and conditions that must be met, such as entering public presentation or consequences.

Internal beginnings

Owner nest eggs


  • Acquisition costs are little.
  • Won’t be paying involvement.

Owner nest eggs


  • You could lose it all.
  • Loss of personal assets.

Capital from net incomes


  • Such as money addition net income additions.
  • No involvement is collectible.


  • Opportunity cost.
  • Have to stand all the losingss if the concern be unsuccessful.

Working capital


  • Easy to cipher as less sum of capital used.
  • Can happen the liquidness periods of the concern.


  • Under the best conditions reduced working capital may take to fiscal force per unit area on the company.
  • Will impact the good will due to non paid on clip.

Gross saless of fixed plus

Advantage: Fixed plus.

Disadvantage: Net income becomes less.


  • Interest rate is high.
  • Limited clip to pay.

Building societies


  • Low degree of involvement.
  • Loan acquire fast comparatively than bank.


  • Not so safe comparison to bank.
  • Interest have to be paid.

Hire purchase


  • Use present equipment immediately.
  • Payment are paid certain period of clip.

Disadvantage: Be unsuccessful to pay the payment due to ownership will be terminate.



  • Outgo of current equipment instantly.
  • Payments are spread over a period of clip which is good for budgeting.


  • Payment is expensive.
  • The plus be appropriate to the finance company.

Venture capitalists:


  • Owner of a portions.
  • Small volume of investing to acquire net income.


  • High possibility as a first-hand investor.
  • Have to digest all the losingss.


Advantages: Buying the other business’s recognition.

Disadvantages: To pay the full net income to the other factoring company.

Share issue


  • Addition of the concern.
  • Huge measure of capital articulation together.


  • Company’s determination having in public.
  • Have to pay dividend.

Friends and household


  • Lower rate of involvement.
  • Without involvement and no mortgages.

Disadvantages: Cut off relationship.

Government grants

Advantages: Don’t have to be repaid.


  • From top to bottom regulations and ordinance.
  • Government part in concern.

AB Bank Limited:

Internal beginnings

Capital from net income:AB Bank Limited uses their capital to increase their net income and garner more net income for their workers.

Working capital:AB Bank Limited tangled up in demand payment from assets, so their working capital finance solutions can assist to let go of all of import financess to assist maintain their concern traveling.

Gross saless of fixed plus:AB Bank Limited gross revenues their unwanted machineries where it take a immense infinite and care in order to acquire latest engineering machines for the improvement of their constitution.

Bank:AB Bank Limited’s is a commercial association and a commercial arbiter that accepts sedimentations and channels those sedimentations into offering activities, either in a consecutive line by lending or meanderingly through capital markets. A bank associates together clients that have capital inadequacies and clients with capital overages.

Leasing:AB Bank Limited’s runs equipment Lashkar-e-Taiba services and focal points in little to mid-size concerns.

Hire purchase:AB Bank Limited have a legal term for an understanding, in which a client decides to pay for things in sums or a proportion over a figure of months.

Share issues:AB Bank Limited have their portion holder where they established financess to increase and besides pay alienated confabulating to the portions holders.

Government Grants:Government grants are non-repayable moneys distributed by one party frequently a authorities unit, pudding stone, or a non-profit-making entity, scholastic institute, corporate or a remarkable.


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