What the Church Really Thinks About Sex

A major misconception that many people have is what they think the church’s opinion is on sexual intercourse.

Most people believe that the church thinks sex is a sinful act that should only be done in privacy for procreation reason and should never be discussed about in public. This belief though is incorrect because the church since the beginning of time has believed that sex is a God given gift. Recently a problem though has occurred in which people have been arrested for either promoting sexual intercourse or participating in the act. Two recent court cases that have dealt with the concept of sex being unmoral is Griswold versus Connecticut and Bowers versus Hardwick.

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Both of these cases brought up new questions about whether different kinds of sex are moral or not. The first case was Griswold versus Connecticut. This case was about Estelle Griswold who opened a birth control clinic in 1961 in Connecticut. This clinic was made with the belief that they would soon be caught breaking one of the many Connecticut sex laws.

Three days after it opened Griswold was arrested after giving birth control to a married couple. The other case was Bowers versus Hardwick. This case involved a man named Michael Hardwick who was caught by a police officer having anal sex with another man in his own home. There is law in Georgia that states that anal sex is illegal so Hardwick was immediately arrested.

Whether or not the Church would agree with these court cases is a difficult question to answer. The churches opinion on sex has changed throughout history. In the begin the Church believed that sex should only occur if a married couple wishes to have a child but the modern church has a new opinion. The modern church believes sex should be for pleasure not just procreation as long though as the couple having sex is loyal to each other.

The modern church agrees with people having sex as long as the two people are in love with each other. This means that the church would agree with Griswold versus Connecticut because the birth control was given to a married couple. If two people are married that means they care for each other and it is not just meaningless sex. If the birth control was given to people who did not care about each other then the Church would disagree.

In the Bower’s versus Hardwick case one question would have to be asked before the church could makes its discussion. The question would be whether or not Hardwick and the man he was having sex with were in love. If the men did care about each other then by the teachings of the modern church the sex would be allowed. Even though the Church does not agree with homosexuality it would have to disagree with arresting of this young man.

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