Application for Admission to the University

My name is Sharwari Kashid and I am a resident of India. I am applying to your esteemed University for admission to the Diploma in Dental Hygiene. Oral hygiene and dental health are crucial for everyone. One of my strongest motivations for choosing a Dental Hygiene program is it is a unique opportunity to positively impact the dental as well as oral health of every patient that comes into the dentist’s office.

As I am planning to seek diploma program from your university because it provides a comprehensive learning and training experience in basic and advances elements including behavioral sciences, biomedical sciences, oral health sciences, clinical experience and dental hygiene theory.

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I believe that my educational background has instilled in me the qualities required to meet the rigor of this demanding course. I would like to pursue this program to acquire a wide variety of skills and abilities relating to health promotion, patient-oriented care, prevention and community advocacy which helps to serve the people and to keep smiles on their faces for a lifetime. I feel that to be associated with this group would stand me in great stead throughout my career.

I have put up a sterling performance throughout my academic lifespan. I scored 9 CGPA in 10th standard from Kolhapur Public School (CBSE), Kolhapur (2012), 73% in 12th standard from Kolhapur Public School (2014), and 62% in BDS from Sinhgad Dental College and Hospital, Pune (2018). I have excellent English communication skills.

Along with academics, I have worked as a Rotaract Club Member (2014-2018) where I was Public Relations Officer (2015-16) and International Service Director (2017-2018). All these activities confirmed by raising interest in preventive medicine, outcomes and effectiveness, and quality of care. I am a quiet, polite, and empathetic person broad-minded person who handles all critical situations smoothly. I am a National Fencing Player (2010-2011) and I also actively participated in intra-college events. During my leisure time, I do public service which gives me utmost satisfaction, and I would engage myself in playing Table tennis.

My area of intrigue is in Diploma in Dental Hygiene. I was attracted to the dental health department because of its focus on oral or dental disease prevention as opposed to treatment and rehabilitation. The primary reason behind choosing this program is that it is applicable to several areas including preventative dentistry, pharmacology, radiology, oral health, anatomy, dental hygiene techniques, dental materials, and other subjects. This course gives me an opportunity to treat so many people and to change lives for the better. The Diploma in Dental Hygiene provides me adequate knowledge of oral science, clinical care, and professional practice and great job opportunities after completion of the course that I needed to succeed in the increasingly complex field of oral and dental health.

The reason that motivates me to pursue a Diploma in Dental Hygiene from your esteemed university is it has talented and dedicated professional faculty with advanced degrees in dental hygiene. Considerable scholastic activities, practice-oriented method of teaching and excellent facilities in my field of intrigue are inspired me to select this university. During the course, Students are imparted knowledge and training about oral hygiene and preventive dentistry.

In addition to theoretical teaching, practical clinical teaching is given by treating patients under supervision. Browsing through the information provided on your website, I am extremely impressed with the teaching staffs that are experienced, inspiring and supportive of student’s individual journeys. I believe that this university can give me an unparalleled education on Dental Health on the policy and management level.

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