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Your Career Plans in Admission

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Discussing your career plans in your admission essay is essential to explain to admission panels your agenda in pursuing a course. In a way, the admission essay is your human voice on top of the facts and figures presented in your transcript of records, recommendation letter, and other application requirements. Plan how you should write your admission essay well and discuss the following points to clearly communicate your intentions.

Point 1: Your passion and interest in the fieldBefore the admissions panel even asks you about your interest in any field of study, inform them at the start of your essay.

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Your Career Plans in Admission
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Then, give clear and honest reasons for being passionate about the chosen field. It is advisable to state a few extra-curricular activities that are related to your desired field and say which aspect in particular inspires you.Point 2: Your immediate career goalsAfter stating your interest in a field, explain your immediate career goals and how you plan to fulfill them.

Let?s say you are passionate about cooking and baking and would like to work as an assistant chef at a prestigious hotel after school, you can explain in your essay that you wish to pursue culinary and business courses to fulfill your goals.

As you explain yourself, keep your ideas logical, practical, and tied up to your real goals.Point 3: Your vision of yourself within the next few yearsBe most realistic when writing about where you see yourself within the next five years. Keep your career goals in mind and avoid sounding too ambitious.

Though thinking ahead is always admirable, but going overboard will only make you appear like a dreamer. It is nest to ponder on your personal plans before making any claims in your admission essay. Be sure to support them with facts and details. Be honest and passionate with your writing. 

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