Application for university

What is your intended major?

Discuss how your interest in the subject developed and describe any experience you have had in the field – such as volunteer work, internships and employment, participation in student organizations and activities – and what you have gained from your involvement.

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            I participated in the student exchange program from 2004 to 2005 and resided in a small town in Colon, Michigan.  In the following year, I completed my high school in Edmonds Community College in Seattle, Washington.  From 2006 to 2008, I became a college student in Pasadena City College in California.  As a Chinese student from Macau, China, I enjoyed the exchange of culture and knowledge as I meet different people across the country.  Due to my travels, interest in speech, language, photography and ballet, I decided to major in Communication so I can continue to exchange knowledge, ideas and culture both in spoken and unspoken manner.  The art of photography and ballet will serve as my silent medium in conveying my thoughts and in expressing my country’s culture.  I studied ballet for 8 years and I have received an award for passing the grade 6 level in the Royal Ballet School.

            I am fortunate to have a father who takes me in his business travels to Las Vegas during trade shows.  This experience taught me to enlighten the consumers about the products that we are offering.  I have also learned about the rigors of putting up trade shows in a foreign land and establishing contacts with prospective clients from different countries.

            While studying in the United States, I became an exchange Chinese language tutor in Pasadena City College.  From fall of 2006 to present, I have taught students how to read, write and understand the Chinese language and characters.  Like any other foreign language, students find it challenging to learn my language but I try to make them appreciate the language by using activities that are interesting and fun.  My students have not only learned from me but I have also learned a lot from them.  From 2004 to present, I continuously function as an overseas counselor by answering students’ queries that are sent through emails or done through telephone calls.  I listen to their concerns, respond to their questions or refer them to the proper authorities.  I share all the experiences that I went through to other Chinese students in this country.  My last two summers were spent in teaching English to young children through fun games and simple lessons.  Through this experience, my speaking skills have improved and I gained confidence in overcoming the challenges in being a student in a foreign land.  As a Chinese exchange student, I am tasked to conduct an orientation seminar to other Chinese exchange students who desire to study and stay in the United States.  I have to constantly update the host family on the current situation or problems that the person is experiencing.  The task of sharing my experiences seems to be a never ending responsibility.  As a counselor, I am required to attend every orientation talks and to be on call at all times.

Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you.  What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud, and how does it relate to the person you are?

My work as a Chinese exchange student awakened my interest in the field of communication.  I have also learned to live independently away from my family and friends.  In my exposure and experience, I have learned that communication is like a bridge that connects people regardless of their culture, language and individual differences.  It also awakens people’s mind to be open to diversity.  Due to my stay in an English speaking country, my verbal and written skills have improved and I learn to overcome my fear in public speaking.  All our activities were geared towards shared responsibility for everyone in the group.

            Throughout my student life in China and in the United States, I have participated in various student organizations such as International student organization (2006-2007), Ballet Dance Club (2006-2007), Chinese student Association 2006-2007, High School choir, and High School Social Work Club.  I have also rendered a ballet performance to honor Yang Liwei, China’s first astronaut who successfully traveled in space in 2003.  I have also joined the inter-school singing competition and annual dancing competition.  All these activities helped me overcome my shyness and strengthened my character as I face the crowd while performing on stage.

            I am proud of all the achievements that I have earned through hard work.  My accomplishments reflect my dedication to my job, my perseverance to reach my goals and my passion to be of service to others.  Being an exchange student is one of the most rewarding experiences that I will treasure.  I am happy to represent my country to make people appreciate our rich culture. I enjoyed working with my teachers and teaching Cantonese to my classmates.  I also had a lot of joy in introducing our Chinese cuisines.  They were all fascinated with my skills in using the chopsticks.

            My experience and exposure strengthened my spirit, taught me to value and appreciate the culture in every state in this country and rekindled my interest to major in communication.  Studying in Pasadena City College has strengthened my theoretical and pragmatic business foundation.  It has also shaped me to become confident, cooperative and sociable.  My volunteer works provided me with the opportunity to communicate confidently and effectively.  I have also learned to set priorities so I can properly balance time for work and studies.

            University of California is a prestigious university that is known to provide programs that are geared towards the total development of each student.  My Communication studies in the University of California will further enhance my skills and will equip me with the ability to communicate clearly to others in a variety of formats. By studying in UC, I will learn to apply what I have learned and produce quality output of works that are expressed in photographs, writings, or videos so I can effectively reach out to people in and out of China.  Since I am well versed in the English and Chinese language, I would like to use my skills to share my culture and to let people know about my country.  I would like to be the bridge that will connect my country to the rest of the world.  It is through the UC program that my dream will become a reality.

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