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My Intended Major

My intended major in the University of California is Business Economics. Hailing from China, a country that is economy-driven by and famous for its businesses, I became interested in the ins and outs of the business world. But what really influenced and inspired me to enroll in Business Economics is the humble story of my aunt, which I have heard many times since I was a little girl. At the age of 30, she came to the United States with only $50 in her pocket. She struggled to make both ends meet and up to now, I am fascinated by how she did it. After some years of hardships, she has established her own business, which is standing tall up to this moment. I never erased her story in my mind because I told myself, even as a little girl, that she is an inspiration to me and my family. I was certain even at such an early age, that someday I will experience what she has experienced in my own time, with my own strategies, and with the skills and training I will gain in this University.

            The truth is I have already started shaping my business career back in Ohlone College. There, I took some business courses in relation to business economics. These courses have actually stirred up and bolstered my desire to formally study business in UCs. I found business textbooks and classroom discussions and activities both fun and challenging as they were educational and encouraging for me to formally and exclusively learn business.

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Moreover, beyond the classroom knowledge, I also gained valuable experiences in work and in society. I value personal growth and relationships with family and with society that is why as early as high school, I already engaged myself in part-time jobs to support some of my financial and social needs. I became a cashier, a waitress, a personal tutor, and a sales person. I treasure these experiences and learning because I love the places I have worked in as well as the people I have worked with and worked for. My experiences enabled me to know and appreciate the needs and wants of different individuals, of different social levels. These also allowed me to expand my horizons, test my people and communication skills, meet and understand various kinds of people, and at the same time gain both money and personal growth.

In addition, I am also looking forward to an internship in Shanghai, China this summer. I deem this internship as another experience in which I will meet, be in the company of, and learn more about the people closest to my heart, my fellow Chinese. It is also because of them and my country of origin that I decided to enter in the business field. I have a vision of making my homeland a more economically-developed nation. I believe that the knowledge, skills, and training that UCs will instill in me will help me pursue that dream. In turn, I will share what I know about Chinese culture, belief, and economy to the United States by engaging in active discussions whenever necessary. With the healthy exchange of information between the two countries, I know both will benefit and learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses and successes and failures. Thus, hopefully, I will be one of the key players in creating successful foreign relations and partnerships between the two in the future.

All these experiences, goals, and visions will not reach their fruition if I will not be equipped with the necessary tools and techniques needed to be successful in the business field. I applied in this University to be a responsible and effective citizen of both China and the United States, and I can only do that if this University will embrace me and my dreams.

My Personal Qualities

            I am proud to say that I was born and raised in China. I moved to the U.S. during my high school. Being an immigrant, it was difficult to adjust and blend into a culture quite dissimilar with what I have come to know back in my homeland. I have come to understand that people here are more liberal and open-minded and that they freely express and display their freedoms. And this was the first thing I learned when I moved – independence. No longer did I rely on my parents to provide for all my needs; no longer did I feel shy because I was culturally different; and no longer was I the little girl who cannot decide for what she wants, needs, and believes.

My mom first came to the U.S. when I was only in third grade and my dad worked hard up to the late hours of the night. I was trained to do things that a normal kid my age will not do – give up some play time for household chores, wait for dad, and look out for myself for mom. Because of this I realized that I needed to be strong considering the efforts both my parents put in just to raise and guarantee a bright future for me.

Furthermore, I also realized that I needed to do my share for our family even at such an early age. I worked in different part-time positions not only to support for some of my needs but also to gain personal growth and experience that I know will enrich my character. My outgoing and cheerful personality has enabled me to perform effectively and successfully in the positions I have worked for. I learned that to be able to reach out to people of whatever age, race, or status, a simple genuine smile or greeting is enough to start a truthful customer or human service. In addition, competence in communication is also necessary. Coming from a different race and being bilingual, I have not escaped the prejudicial looks and remarks of some people. However, being the jolly person that I am, I disregarded their comments and focused on those who accepted me and my service without any prejudice. Because of this, I was able to build new friendships and connections, which I maintain up to this moment because they have been helpful in my adjustment in this country.

Moreover, since I was left to do things independently, I was trained to be organized with all aspects of my life. I fixed my room, our house, and my things in a very neat way; I organized my personal bank account information monthly; and I helped set up parties and social activities where people can have fun and be in the company of others for a good cause.

My independence and my organized and outgoing nature will be the qualities I will carry in my entrance to UCs. I deem these qualities essential in the Business Economics program I am applying for because being in this field entails thinking independently and creatively, organizing plans and programs, and reaching out to all levels and kinds of people.

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