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Short Essay – War Driving

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What is war driving? War driving is the act of locating and possibly exploiting connections to wireless local area networks while driving around a city or elsewhere. To do war driving, you need a car, a laptop, a wireless Ethernet card set to work in promiscuous mode, and some kind of an antenna which can be mounted on top of or positioned inside the car. There are 77 businesses in Richmond, VA that provide Wi-Fi access.

These websites that list these hotspots give you the address, the telephone number, the Wi-Fi service provider, and their network name.

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Short Essay – War Driving
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In some cases, I do think this information should be available for businesses that want to attract more customers. Far as people walking or driving down the street and trying to use someone’s Wi-Fi that’s in someone else’s house hold or put their information on websites for the public is wrong.

The reason why I think its wrong is because it’s not free for the owner.

The owner has to pay for their Wi-Fi access for their home and its technically stealing if someone outside the home tries to use their Wi-Fi. I know in some hotels, certain rooms may have Wi-Fi and certain rooms do not. I have been in some situations where the room right below me may have Wi-Fi access and my room did not and if you moved to a certain spot in my room, you would be able to get Wi-Fi access from below.

I really didn’t think it was wrong until after I did some research for this report and found a lot of interesting information. From what I found out about war driving, I would definitely feel obligated to contact the victim if they live in my neighborhood because I don’t want their personal information to be put out to the public for illegal purposes. I think it is illegal because you’re putting someone else’s information out to the public without their permission.

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Short Essay – War Driving. (2017, Feb 14). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/short-essay-war-driving/

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