Short Personal Story – Good Daughter

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Caroline Hwang’s essay explores the common practice among Korean parents of exerting strict control over their children’s lives to ensure their well-being and education. While these parents prioritize their children’s best interests, they also value offering guidance while allowing them the freedom to choose career paths and life partners. As a result, Korean children often experience limited independence and self-determination in shaping their own futures.

Both as a parent and in the case of Carolin’s parents, there is a shared desire for what is best for our children. It is crucial to educate our kids about their heritage and grant them autonomy in decision-making. In this specific scenario, Caroline encountered an intricate predicament as she grappled with conflicting cultural identities. She attempted to satisfy her parents’ wish for her to adopt American culture while also striving to be recognized by society as Korean.

She has a curiosity in learning about her cultural heritage, specifically the correct way to pronounce her own name, which her mother did not teach her. I strongly believe that parents should educate their children on their cultural background to ensure they have knowledge of it.

Caroline’s parents have a specific career path in mind for her – they want her to become a lawyer. In Korean culture, parents typically have a strong influence over their children’s choices and options in life. While it is important for parents to guide their children towards the right choices, it is also important to allow them to pursue their own desires and passions. Caroline’s parents believe that becoming a lawyer would be a successful and suitable career for her. However, Caroline has a different aspiration – she wants to become a writer, which can also be a fulfilling career choice. Personally, I believe that Caroline should follow her own dreams and aspirations in life. Ultimately, she will be the one working in that chosen path throughout her life.

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