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Short Personal Story – Good Daughter

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Most parents want the best for their children, especially when it comes to health or education. In Caroline Hwang’s essay defiantly her parent wants the best for her, but the need to give her advices and let here make her Owen choices, like what she wants to be or who she wants to married. As we all know the Korean parents don’t give the kids Independent at all, and they can’t decide what they want to do in their life.

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Short Personal Story – Good Daughter
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As a parent I want the best for my kids. I feel for Carolin’s parents wants the best for her too, however it always good to teach you kids everything you know about you culture, and let them make their Owen choices. In this case Caroline felt so confused between two different cultures, she trying to fulfill everyone’s expectations, her parents want her to be an American and outside life seen her as Korean.

That’s way she wants to know about her culture.

Even her mom didn’t teach her how to pronounce her Owen name. To me her parent should tell her everything about the culture. That’s they back ground and you kids should know about it too.

Caroline’s parents want her to be a lawyer. As Korean parent don’t give their kids much choice in their life. It’s always good to help you kids make the right choices but when it get to what they want let them make they can take they Owen pat as long you direct them to the right one when they young. Her parent want her to be a lawyer they know that a good carrier for her to do, but to here she wants to be writer what is good carrier too. I think she needs to do what she wants, because she the one who going to work on that pat all here life

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