My Classmate – Short Personal Story

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My friend Lisa is often judged by her appearance, but she is actually a kind-hearted person who loves animals, especially dogs and cats. She has seven dogs and two cats in her home yard and takes care of them like they are her best friends. One time, she had to clean up after her dog, Tang Yuan, who had an accident in her bed. She didn’t want to disappoint her mother, so she took responsibility and cleaned up the mess even though it made her sick. Lisa’s love for cats stems from her childhood, where her parents were too busy for her, so her father bought her a little cat. When that cat died, Lisa was devastated, and her father bought her a new little cat to help her feel better. Lisa’s love for her cats is evident in the way she talks about them, and it is a feeling that others may not understand.

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My good friend, Lisa. If you see her at first glance, you will think’ Can her run? Does her walk very toilsome? ’ Because everyone only takes care of people’s exterior, Before you become friends with her. And she always wears purple blazer, black sport pants and a pair of sports shoes with pink. She always looks you with a pair of big eyes. When she slimes to you with two deep dimples, you will feel warm as if from sun. On the other hand, she is a kind of girl. The thing that her most likes to do is looking after dogs and cats. In her home yard, it likes an animal paradise.

Their lives seven dogs and two cats and they are the best friends for her. She tells me, one time, she found Tang Yuan (the name of a dog) move bowels in bed. She is so fear and hard to imagine her mother will how angry after knowing this. So first, she changed down the dirty sheet and put it in a pot, and then she found out a new sheet and replaced it with a new bed linen. And next, she thought the most disgusting thing was wash the dirty sheet with shit. She put the shit thrown into the toilet and started to put on rubber gloves for washing.

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She said, she looked at the water became dirty slowly and kept rubbing by her cold hands although she wore the gloves. In the whole process, she sicked many times but she still sticks to finish the task because she thought it was her responsibility. After about an hour, she took a clean bed linen with fresh smell and her forehead covered with some beads of sweat although the weather was only three degrees. At the same time, the main culprit, Tang Yuan run to her side and incessant meow. It represented it was hungry that wanted to eat. If I were there at that time, I would pick it up and hit it a few times.

However, she still blamed herself that just forgot to feed so she got out the cat food at once. I am sure you have the same question as me’ Why does she love cat so much? ’ She told me,’ when she was young, her parents are too busy to accompany her so her father bought a little cat for her. Since then, the little cat was her best friend. She played with Tang Yuan and also looked after it. Unfortunately, after about two years, the cat died because of eating rat poison. Lisa fevered continuously a few days that couldn’t walk and eat anything because she missed her best friend.

Soon after, her father bought a new little cat to make her feel better. So Lisa put her love of Tang Yuan into Snow Ball (the name of new little cat). She detected it food by silver needle in every meal and everything that the cat ate did by herself, she would follow Snow Ball wherever it went. As I began the interview, her topic is always around her cat. And her eyes has already red because of crying and she unable to speak words for many times in the talk process. It can be seen the cat how important for her. I believe the importance of cat for her more than these, it will be a feeling that we never feel.

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