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Personal Short Story – Stop Thief!

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It was Christmas, the mall was pretty vivid and splashy, there were all sorts of ornaments hanging around the mall. As I moved from shop to shop, I saw beautiful new fashioned clothes, iPods, wooden antiques, decoration items and Santa of course. Different types of Christmas cards, greetings, bouquet, and box of chocolates, teddies and Santa costumes were displayed on every corner waiting to be sold out. This was my first trip to Canada and I was really enjoying the every cold chilli weather of the country.

I was about to travel the following day to my uncle who had shifted there 15 years ago. And I was really very eager to see my cousins for the first time. As I was walking through the mall when I just saw what I was waiting for, a shop decorated with fine beautiful painting perfect for a beautiful house like my uncles one, I looked at the paintings and then I looked to the money in my purse which I had been saving for 2 years I wanted to buy one for my uncle so that he says “Oh! Dear how sweet of you…!”

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Personal Short Story – Stop Thief!
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Suddenly, breaking into my day dreams a boy of 24 or so just like my big brother suited in a detective uniform with black hat, and black glasses, his face covered came running past me shouting “stop him, catch him don’t let him go” and tripped at my feet.

I said sorry to him and gave him a hand to get up, he got up and gave me a slight push and I felt something tickle down my purse as he wiped his clothes and kept running I thought for a while that are all Canadians manner less that they run away without even saying a “Thank You”. I then just dismissed the subject and forgot about it and kept walking thinking to buy the painting I was looking forward to and some winter clothes to help me stay alive here in this cold, as I entered a shop I took the perfect jeans and some winter clothes thinking I would next buy the painting, I went happily to the counter waiting for the bill to be given to me when I got the amount I was not really shocked because that amount was not much but when I looked to my purse I was more shocked when I looked inside, the zip was open and the money was gone I had no hope now that I would find it again.

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