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Should animals have the same rights as humans? Essays

Thesis Paragraph for Animal rights persuasive essay Imagine this, you live your whole life in a cage as big as your body, you get no exercise, freedom nor can you communicate with anyone. The only thing you get food and a shabby place to live. Would you want to live a life like that? That is what happens to millions of animals across the world, whether it may be in a first, second or third world country. The value of animals is often forgotten when dealing with them.
Animals should have their own set of rights that protect them from abuse, neglecting and wrong treatment. Recent ethology research has proven that animals have the intellectual ability to feel and react to complex emotions (anger, happiness, and jealousy). That proves that when a stimulus affects the animal it feels the respective emotion and ‘feeling’. As such we should issue a law that protects them because they feel too and we should put ourselves in their shoes.
Thinking that since we bought the animal, we have the rights to do whatever we want to them is the same mentality that slave owners had. If slavery is now considered morally incorrect for humans, then why is it right for animals? Lastly, we should show our superiority as a race, by implying what we think is right for ourselves to others that share common emotion, similar intellectual thinking etc. I am not saying that animals should have equal rights as humans. I am saying that animals should be considered that they too can feel ‘feelings’ and should be treated like so.

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