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1. *How does Shouldice compete? Identify at least three characteristics of Shouldice’s operations that contribute* to its competitiveness. Shouldice Hospital Limited seems to be a well organized Hospital with a unique technique to operate hernias. In this hospital only external hernias were operated. This is the mayor fact for their success. The doctor? s, the nurse’s and even the design of the facility is only targeted of the patient’s needs that have or had a hernia surgery.

To reduce the time of a patients stay, the doctor’s are well skilled in surgical intervention to eliminate hernia. Shouldice’s doctors perform 600 and more operations per year and they are teaching each other to encourage a group effort for nearly absolute perfection. The facility contains the kitchen, the dining rooms, a lounge area, offices and patient rooms. The rooms are simple and the steps are designed specially with small rise to keep the maximum comfort to the operated patients.

To reduce the risk of a fall, every square is carpeted. Some additional facts for the good word-to-mouth advertising Complication and infection rate less than 0,5% (low risk) 7000 hernia operations each year High service level (social contacts found there) Dr. Shouldice explored this method Balanced employees (good effect to patients in front of good working atmosphere) Non hospital feeling Mail diagnostics for aliens and far away living people Shouldice operation characteristics

The operation method was founded by Dr. Earl Shouldice in 1945. It become the most reliable, safe and effective technique to repair hernia. The Shouldice method is performed under local anesthesia to keep a high safety for the patient. All full time surgeons share all of their working time to the practice of hernia surgery. Due the big number of operations each year, the Shouldice team is well prepared for all problems around hernia care. Since 1945 more than 300,000 operations have been performed.

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