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Significance of Shamhat: “The Epic of Gilgamesh” Sample



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    The function of adult females in The Epic of Gilgamesh is really of import. One peculiar issue that is demonstrated is the position of adult females in The Epic of Gilgamesh. This is because of the fact that there are peculiar cases noted in The Epic of Gilgamesh that relate to modern-day mean and adult females. Prostitutions or the usage of adult females for sex is the illustration that may be emphasized. The function of adult females is a really of import subject in The Epic of Gilgamesh. and assorted adult females are chosen to stand for assorted facets of the construct of adult females. This is where Shamhat enters the narrative. What can we larn about her and what are her gifts for us here and now?

    Shamhat. in the Epic of Gilgamesh. is the priestess of Ishtar. and the great goddess of love and war. She is called by Gilgamesh. the male monarch of Uruk. to train the wild adult male Enkidu and learn him the humanistic disciplines of civilisation. like feeding. imbibing. and everything else as quoted by Shamhat. “Eat the staff of life. Enkidu. it is the staff of life. Drink the beer ; it is the gift of the land. ” But the inquiry is what is her significance? Surely. she is one of the most exciting and cryptic character of the myth and faith. the character that begins in the first two Tablets of the Epic of Gilgamesh. Her presence is really meaningful and brief. Basically. Shamhat brought alteration and transmutation whose enigma is every bit appealing as the value of a true titillating instigator she represents. Shamhat taught Enkidu to be a full adult male for his interest. non for her ain addition. Indeed. Enkidu and Shamhat portion an instigator relationship. but it’s for the best. She inspired him to travel farther by doing his ain picks by moving like a positive goddess figure in his life. Shamhat did non desire Enkidu for herself. but prepared him for a universe Enkidu had to detect by his ain pick and making.

    For a more clear description. Shamhat plays the function as the snake in the Garden of Eve. She is the demon character who tempts Enkidu into manhood with her beauty. He is the same as Eve who can non defy the enticement ; he is powerless to avoid these enigmas provided by Shamhat. Shamhat can besides be compared with Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” . In this instance. she is the titillating instigator like Julia Roberts did it for Richard Gere in “Pretty Woman” . Though she is considered as a cocotte. she made a difference in Enkidu’s manner of life. As this quotation mark explains “Enkidu became weak. unable to run as earlier. but his head was filled with a new wisdom. ” She led Enkidu to the find of his possible in all universes. She represented the rule of love. and so took over Enkidu’s universe to put him free. She took Enkidu to allow him happen out the universe of his ain.

    Now with this in head. shall we still see Shamhat as the snake? Think of Shamhat non as a Seductress. but a seduction. Indeed she portrays love and delectation to portion for the glorification of the spirit she saw in the individual to get down with her sacred vows. Now. I would wish to believe of love non from Cupids who makes us fall in love. but life energy and connexion full of wisdom on which she provided for Enkidu. At first. I thought of Shamhat as a cocotte with moral as she did what she told to kip with Enkidu. I feel that a adult female like her should hold more significance in this universe than merely being a cocotte. Though she can be considered as a cocotte. she besides made a difference in the society. She may hold slept with Enkidu. but she helped him detect the significance of being a adult male and so “Enkidu became a adult male. ” She gave Enkidu a opportunity to alter for the better. and detect what the universe has to offer. It is for Enkidu’s ain interest that she did what she has to make.

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