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This past semester I read the book Slam by Walter Dean Myers. The scene is in a tally down portion of town in a large metropolis that was un-ginven. The narrative line is that Slam the chief character is traveling to a new school that is a white school where he one time went to a predominately was black and so is he. He is a senior traveling into a new school because of his class; he besides came from a school where he was one of the best hoops participants. His friend was the best participant for his old school. He besides has a miss that he likes and the start traveling out. His pa does non work good non all the clip his grandmother is deceasing. The chief characters are Slam, Goldy.

One of the large parts in this book in when he makes the squad. When trials came he was non look on that good chiefly because he was black and he had an atitude. He played the manager one on one and he slammed on him and blocked him. But he did do the squad. Then he lost the camera that he borrowed from the media centre for a undertaking. In his first game he didn’t get down and didn’t drama in the first half. He got truly mad a Goldy calmed him down. They were tied at half clip and at the terminal they beat them by 11. And that is how many points that Slam had in the game after the first half. He went out with his friend Ice and two other misss and he made out with one of them. The other miss told his girlfriend that they were snoging and she got all mad and the kind of broke up. Then he played one of the best squads in the conference and this white cat tore him up so that got his assurance down. After that his friend Ducky was standing up for Slam because two of the other childs on the squad didn’t like Slam and the ended up acquiring in a battle. They ne’er got along because Nick the cat that he fought was speaking about.

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How he was acquiring scouted and that Slam wasn’t. Slam knew that he was better that him that he was non acquiring the opportunities that Nick was. Then he played his friend Ice’s squad. It was close and Ice was out playing him the whole clip until he got in foul problem. The Slam took over. It came down to the last ownership and Slam took the ball and scored. He won the game. Then he got all of the regard that he wanted and everyone in the school knew of him, and that is what he wanted the whole clip. Then he came to his English category and he didn’t one of his undertaking and the instructor got huffy and said some racial things and Slam got mad a acted out of control and hit him. Then he ran out to a local eating house. Then that dark he went to his friend’s party. This whole clip Slam was leery that Ice was selling drugs because he was in all of these fancy autos and had all of these nice stopping points when his household was hapless. Plus Ice ever told Slam the he was borrowing the material. Well at the party Ice disappeared and Slam wen to happen him. He found him selling drugs. Slam confronted him that what he was making was bad and Ice got all defensive and the started to contend. Slam got most of the hits in. But the became friends.

The flood tide is that he hit the game winning shooting in the large game against his old school and ended up acquiring all of the celebrity of being the best participant and acquiring all of the lookouts to come to see him play and non Nick.

I liked this book. I thought that it was good written. I besides liked it because I like athletics and Walter Dean Myers is my favourite writer. On a graduated table of one to ten I give this book an 8.5. I give it an 8.5 because I think that it could hold had a batch more possible in the fact of where he lived and the state of affairs. I think that I could hold been a little more dramatic.

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