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The Pardoner’s Tale-Chacer’s Use of Irony to Criti


the pardoner's tale

Words: 298 (2 pages)

cize the ChNearly every aspect of the Pardoner’s tale is ironic. Irony exists within the story itself and in the relationship between thePardoner and the story. The ending of the story presents a goodmessage despite the Pardoner’s devious intentions to swindle moneyfrom the other pilgrims. By using irony in the Pardoner’s tale, Chaucer effectively criticizes…

psychological power of the tale of the three rioters as narrated by Chaucer’s Pardoner


the pardoner's tale

Words: 1562 (7 pages)

First of all, the Pardoner sets the scene of his tale. Once upon a time in Flanders there was a group of young people who gave themselves up to debauchery and to gambling. They frequented brothels and taverns, where they danced to music and played at dice at all hours of day and night and…

The Canterbury Tales Like the Prioress, The Monk, and the Pardoner

Canterbury Tales

the pardoner's tale

Words: 1124 (5 pages)

The Canterbury Tales were Chaucer’s way of showing what he saw during his lifetime. The middle ages were a terrifying time in history and the tales show a bit of an understanding of the times. Hypocrisy is a common theme in the Canterbury tales and more specifically in the religious figures of the Canterbury tales…

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