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An Analysis of Katherine Mansfield’s A Cup of Tea


Words: 954 (4 pages)

The opening passage in Katherine Mansfield’s short story “A Cup of Tea” introduces the protagonist in a manner that will serve to underscore the importance of irony to the tale. What is easy to miss in this deceptively pedestrian opening is the invitation to the reader to become part of the storytelling process through an…

A summary of “The Sniper” by Liam O’Flaherty.




Words: 353 (2 pages)

Lima Flattery did an excellent job in employing stylistic devices in “The Sniper”. There were significant amounts to imagery, which enhanced the reader’s imagination while reading the hook, There was also a distinct symbol that portrayed the true theme to the story perfectly. Also found interesting irony at the end, which concluded the whole story…

The Irony of Edward Albee’s “The Sandbox”


Words: 1530 (7 pages)

The Irony of Edward Albee’s “The Sandbox”       Edward Albee’s “The Sandbox” is a one-act play about a couple who went to the beach and appears to be preparing for a special occasion. Mommy and Daddy hired a musician along with them and when all is set, they take their Grandma out and put her…

Play Analysis – Sure Thing by David Ivis



Words: 1161 (5 pages)

The Setting of “Sure Thing” by David Ivis is important in terms of setting the mood as well as the context for the play’s main conflict. “Sure Thing” is set in a cafe where the the two main characters, Bill and Betty, awkwardly encounter one another. During their encounter, a ring of a bell continues…

Richard Corey by Edwin Arlington Robinson




Words: 778 (4 pages)

In “Richard Cory”, Edwin Arlington Robinson uses irony, simplicity, and perfect rhyme to depict the theme of the poem. The rhyme in “Richard Cory” is almost song-like, and it continues throughout the whole poem. The theme of the poem is that appearances are deceiving. The poem is about a man who everyone thinks is a…

There Will Come Soft Rains – Story


The Yellow Wallpaper

Words: 4329 (18 pages)

The story opens with a clock announcing that it is time to wake up and a hint of premonition that perhaps no one will. In the kitchen, the stove cooks breakfast and a voice from the ceiling announces the setting: Allendale, California, on August 4, 2026. The automated house prepares itself for the day, but…

The Pardoner’s Tale-Chacer’s Use of Irony to Criti


the pardoner's tale

Words: 298 (2 pages)

cize the ChNearly every aspect of the Pardoner’s tale is ironic. Irony exists within the story itself and in the relationship between thePardoner and the story. The ending of the story presents a goodmessage despite the Pardoner’s devious intentions to swindle moneyfrom the other pilgrims. By using irony in the Pardoner’s tale, Chaucer effectively criticizes…

Somerset Maugham “Louise”




Words: 3058 (13 pages)

I could never understand why Louise bothered with me. She disliked me and I knew that behind my back she seldom lost the opportunity of saying a disagreeable thing about me. She had too much delicacy ever to make a direct statement, but with a hint and a sigh and a little gesture of her…

Main Themes of Jose Garcia Villa’s Works



Words: 749 (3 pages)

The author started the story by describing the two nipa houses. But if you go back to his introduction after reading the story, you would realize that these adjectives were pertaining to the two main characters, Aling Biang and Aling Sebia. ” They were two separate worlds, two opposing planets so near together that their…

The Problem of Knowing





Words: 898 (4 pages)

Consider the meaning of ambiguousness: for something to have two contradictory meanings, with emphasis on the unknown. In, “My Kinsman, Major Molineux,” Nathaniel Hawthorne uses ambiguity, as well as other writing tools, to tell a pre-Revolutionary war story about a young man’s journey from childhood innocence into the adult world of evils and reality. Hawthorne…

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Irony, in its broadest sense, is a rhetorical device, literary technique, or event in which what on the surface appears to be the case or to be expected differs radically from what is actually the case. Irony can be categorized into different types, including verbal irony, dramatic irony, and situational irony.


“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.” “I really have to keep an eye on myself, because sometimes I think I might say something important.” “I quote others only in order the better to express myself.”,The main business of a lawyer is to take the romance, the mystery, the irony, the ambiguity out of everything he touches. I suppose that’s one of the ironies of life doing the wrong thing at the right moment. At a time like this, scorching irony, not convincing argument, is needed.

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What is an example of irony?
She described her vacation with heavy irony as “an educational experience.” It was a tragic irony that he made himself sick by worrying so much about his health. That's just one of life's little ironies. The irony of the situation was apparent to everyone. He has a strong sense of irony. Read More:
What is an irony statement?
An ironic remark conveys a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning. So, in an ironic statement one thing is said, while another thing is meant.

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