Societe Generale Scandal

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Societe Generale, founded in 1864 by a consortium of manufacturers and financiers, is a renowned French bank. Its primary objective is to foster the development of trade and industry within France. With its headquarters located in Paris and Nanterre, Societe Generale currently operates three key divisions: Retail banking and specialized financial services; Corporate and Investment Banking; and Global Investment management and services. Furthermore, the bank provides a range of specialized financing options, insurance choices, private banking facilities, asset management services, as well as securities services.

Societe Generale, a reputable company, provides excellent job prospects. Frederic Oudea has been with the company since 1995 and currently holds the positions of chairman and CEO. Supporting Oudea in his daily responsibilities and ensuring transparency are three Deputy Chief Executive Officers. Furthermore, Societe Generale has had a Board of Directors since its establishment in 1995. The Board has formed three committees: the Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee, and the Nomination Committee. These committees are responsible for overseeing management’s actions and decisions.

There are two committees within Societe Generale: an executive committee and a general management committee. NEXT SLIDE In March 2011, Societe Generale launched a new communications campaign with the captivating slogan “Building team spirit together.” The purpose of this slogan is to express the bank’s intention to establish a modern relationship with its customers. This relationship aims to be balanced and long-term, as the bank seeks to collaborate with customers in order to help them succeed with their projects and progress together.

Societe Generale aims to achieve growth with lower risk through its diversified universal banking model. This model combines commercial banking, investment banking, insurance, and various other financial activities. The company strives to become the benchmark for relationship banking, a philosophy that seeks to build long-term customer relationships and mitigate the desire for customers to seek banking services elsewhere.

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