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Societe Generale Scandal

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Societe Generale is a French bank founded in 1864 by a group of manufacturers and financiers. This bank was designed to encourage the growth of trade and industry in France. Its headquarters are in Paris and Nanterre, France. Currently Societe Generale has three main divisions that they focus on- these include: Retail banking and specialized financial services Corporate and Investment Banking Global Investment management and services Among these, their services also include specialized financing and insurance, private banking, asset management and securities services.

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Societe Generale Scandal
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Societe Generale is one of the world’s most admirable companies to work for. NEXT SLIDE In regards to Societe Generales management, their current chairman and CEO is Frederic Oudea, who has been with the company since 1995. Oudea is assisted by 3 Deputy Chief Executive Officers who help with daily duties, as well as engage in a system of checks and balances. Along with this there is the Board of Directors. The Board set up three committees in 1995: the Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee and the Nomination Committee to monitor the operations and decisions of management and the CEO.

There is also an executive committee and a general management committee. NEXT SLIDE In March 2011, Societe Generale launched its new communications campaign, based on a strong and engaging signature of “Building team spirit together”. The promise of “Building team spirit together” gives a complete sense of the modern relationship that the bank hopes to build with its customers a balanced long-term relationship where the bank works alongside its customers to help them succeed in their projects and to progress with them.

Societe Generale’s strategy is to deliver growth with lower risk. They also follow a diversified universal banking model which is a combination of commercial banking, investment banking, insurance and many other financial activities. Using this model and strategy of sustainable growth, this company aims to be the reference for relationship banking, which is a banking philosophy that aims to establish long-term relationships with customers and reduce the customer’s desire to go elsewhere for banking services.

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