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Some Marketing Tips

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Solution to make products best-selling and stay ahead in today’s market

This is a lecture about some basic ways to make the products become the best-selling one. In this lecture, we will discuss about solutions, procedures, tips… and everything we need to reach the goal in the dream of every businessman. And here is our schedule:

  • Planning
  • Competitive strategies
  • Advertising
  • Service
  • Distribution and packaging


Like every work in the world, if you want your business success, you need a good plan.

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Some Marketing Tips
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A new product has been conceived, researched, tested in prototype and made it through all the hurdles of the process. The time has come to launch it in the marketplace. What now? Here is some step you need to follow to plan ahead:


Try to answer these questions:

  • Have we identified all necessary launch channels?
  • What number of new products do we plan to sell by a specific date?
  • When will the product be ready to launch at a national trade convention?
  • Are sufficient stocking orders placed with key distributors?

All we need to do now is identify customer databases where appropriate.

Send new product samples to industry and trade publication reviewers. Do everything necessary to create a strong, functioning life-support system for that product. And don’t forget that the core message must be repeated over and over again.


  1. How will the new product reach customers? Are your established sales channels (sales force, distributors, dealers, etc.) up to the new challenge?
  2. Determining your pricing strategy and reviewing your sales channels should be happening while the product is being positioned, as these factors will have a definite impact on the positioning message.
  3. Whatever the circumstances, have clear-cut performance objectives in place and be ready to measure them carefully.

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