Stalin And Trotsky Vs Piggy And Jack

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The novel Lord of the Flies can be compared to the power struggle between Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky in the mid-1920s in the USSR. The split between the male characters in the book mirrors the division between Stalin and Trotsky’s supporters. Ralph and Piggy lead a group of civilized boys while Jack leads a group of wild boys who become bloodthirsty. Stalin and Jack are compared as both being prone to violence and killing. Trotsky and Piggy are compared as intellectuals who lost to more dynamic leaders. In both cases, the more attractive candidate wins, and the opposition is destroyed. The novel and the power struggle in the USSR are examples of a good vs. evil conflict where evil prevails.

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One can compare Stalin and Trotsky, as well as Piggy and Jack, in an essay or research paper.

The leaders of the U.S.S.R are likened to the characters in Lord of the Flies.

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The events in Lord of the Flies can be seen as a reflection of the power struggle that occurred in the U.S.S.R. during the mid-1920s, demonstrating the consequences of growing discord and despair. The theme of conflict between good and evil is evident throughout the story. Initially, there is one united group where all the boys work together to maintain order and peace. However, over time, a division forms, resulting in two distinct factions. Ralph, supported by Piggy, leads a civilized group prioritizing rescue efforts and engaging in reasonable activities like tending to the fire. In contrast, Jack leads an increasingly savage group that dismisses constructive actions and becomes more bloodthirsty. Ultimately, they brutally kill Simon after he delivers a message about “The Beast.”

Jack and Piggy are comparable to Leon Trotsky and Josef Stalin. After the death of Vladimir Lenin, the first communist leader of the U.S.S.R., a power struggle emerged between these two individuals. Trotsky, similar to Piggy, was an intelligent adult male who carefully contemplated his actions and did not believe in unnecessary violence. On the other hand, Stalin, like Jack, was a strong leader prone to fits of aggression. Both Stalin and Jack were bloodthirsty for power and inclined towards violent tactics.

Talin slaughtered millions of his own people, particularly intellectuals, whom he viewed as a threat. Jack and his crew also murdered pigs, while Simon and Piggy were driven to madness by the sight or mere mention of blood and death. They echoed phrases like “Kill the hog. Cut her throat. Bash her in.” and “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!” Similarly, Trotsky held the second position of power and was expected to succeed Lenin as leader, but ultimately lost to Stalin.

Both Piggy and Trotsky, as well as Jack and Stalin, were similar individuals who also encountered similar situations. In both Lord of the Flies and the U.S.S.R, there arose a power struggle where the more dynamic leader emerged victorious over the intellectual. Trotsky had the backing of Lenin, just as Piggy had the support of Ralph. Both Trotsky and Piggy should have assumed leadership roles, but in both instances, the wicked and more charming contender prevailed. In the U.S.S.R, Stalin, upon attaining power, viewed Trotsky as a threat and employed a professional to deceive him and eventually assassinate him in his fortified villa in Mexico. Similarly, in the book, Jack perceived that Piggy still maintained a certain level of influence, which he deemed threatening. Consequently, he decided to eliminate him by pushing a boulder onto his head, causing him to fall from a 40-foot precipice.

Both Lord of the Flies and the battle for Lenin’s place illustrate a conflict between good and evil, where evil triumphs. In both cases, the more intelligent contender loses to the more magnetic one, and the new leaders ruthlessly annihilate their opponents.

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