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The Piggy Bank Theory

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By Kenneth J. FinchThe object of this theory is to explain how the universe came to be byusing a model that is already in existence and that can be observed. Aswith all theories, this is not exactly what happened, but rather a guessbased on already observed events and data.

Most scientists will agree that there are three ways that a star may die.

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The Piggy Bank Theory
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The first is if a star is not massive enough. This often results in a coolcore almost incapable of give of light.

We know it as a white dwarf. Thisusual happens to stars that are about the size of our star, the Sun.

The second is a neutron star. This occurs when a med-massive star collapseleaving a heavy core. It emits radio waves and thus can be detected.

Usually we can observe these in what are known as pulsars.

Finally, we have what occurs when a massive star collapses and the issuingevent is so great that no matter can escape thus the core of the star keepscollapsing in on itself.

This event is what most people call a black hole.

This is the event that we are interested in, because it is the backbone ofthis theory. Most people will agree that a formation of a solar system ora star occurs after the destruction of another star. This usually takesplace in a cosmic nursery. However, since most of us are very familiarwith the formation of a star, we are not going to go in depth on thissubject. However, it is very important to this theory.

Now that we have the basics, we can begin on the theory. Let us suppose atone time the entire universe was a huge piggy bank. This piggy bank wasbasically the most massive star ever conceived. We might call it the firststar. Now as we all know with piggy banks, we can place so many coins init. At some point, even though this piggy bank is huge, it will get fullit will not hold anything else. The same is true with our first star. Ashuge as it was, there was only so much it fuel. Eventually, it would fuseall of its hydrogen and helium into heavier elements. It would get denserand denser. However, this is where the illustration comes in. Once youcould not fill the piggy bank anymore, what do you do? Break it of course.

And this is what eventually happened to the first star, it broke.

Of course you might say, “A normal person would just get another piggybank, and start filling it again.” And you’d be correct, except we aren’tdealing with money. We are dealing with matter. So, let us equate it likewe are dealing with matter. The next step is to take all the money, and toput into smaller, but yet still quite large piggy banks. When these arefull they are then broken again, and the contents are placed in smallerpiggy banks. The process continues until the piggy banks comfortablecontain all the contents of the original piggy bank, or until there isequilibrium in mass and the lack of mass.

The same way with the universe, it will keep expanding until it reaches itsequilibrium or until all galaxies, stars, planets, and other cosmic bodiesare able to comfortable hold all of the original star’s mass.

This is the piggy bank theory model.

Some questions this might raise is:- What was the original star’s mass?- If star did collapse, where are its remains?- How does this have any bearing on the formation of galaxies?- Where did this star come from and why did it collapse?There may be other questions, however time, and my fingers, do not allowthe continuation of this. This theory is not entirely complete, and as wassaid at the outset, this may not be correct. However, it is a guess basedon observed data.

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The Piggy Bank Theory. (2019, May 08). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/the-piggy-bank-theory/

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