Lord Of The Flies Piggy Character

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Piggy is a character who stands out in the group due to his intellect, poor eyesight, weight problem, and asthma. Despite being highly intelligent, Piggy is physically vulnerable compared to the other boys. However, his intelligence represents the rational world. He has become accustomed to following rules and is hesitant to abandon societal order and norms. Piggy recognizes that these rules and norms are what hold society together, often repeating phrases such as “Auntie told me” in the first chapter. By frequently quoting his aunt, Piggy is also the only character who provides a female perspective. Additionally, in Chapter 2, he mentions “l bet it’s tea-time,” reminding himself of the importance of adhering to society’s established order.

Piggy is frequently inventive and innovative, like when he creates a makeshift sundial for the boys to tell time. He also finds the conch and suggests using it to call the boys to meetings. With his scientific approach, Piggy understands that building shelters is essential for their survival. His glasses are used to start a fire that eventually signals a rescuing ship. In Chapter 5, Ralph acknowledges Piggy’s ability to think. When Jack argues with him, Piggy tries to reason with him by emphasizing the importance of prioritizing and behaving properly in order to be rescued. As the representation of civilization, Piggy believes that life is scientific. Despite the incident involving Simon’s death, Piggy tries to remain scientific by searching for a formula to explain it. He argues that the assault on Simon was justifiable because Simon provoked them by inexplicably crawling out of the forest into the group. Throughout the story, Piggy’s presence consistently demonstrates his adult-like intellect and the order that the other boys disregard.

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