Statement of Purpose to Study in Canada

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I aspire to receive the highest level of education in the ever-evolving field of Engineering and Technology. Each day brings new concepts and applications while rendering previous ones obsolete. I am fascinated by the limitless potential that arises when combining engineering and technology with management. Therefore, I am eager to further my academic pursuits in this direction.

Achieving expertise in Information systems and becoming part of my country’s technological workforce are my objectives for graduate study. I am passionate about honing my skills, gaining proficiency, and seeking professional exposure. Pursuing a graduate course will provide hands-on experience and allow me to specialize in my desired field of study.

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In my undergraduate studies at Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, I have gained a thorough understanding of Mechanical Engineering and its core areas. However, it was the 6-month In-plant training at Bosch Ltd. in Jaipur, a German manufacturing company, that provided me with exceptional knowledge of Information Systems. This training consisted of a well-structured series of projects.

Throughout my training, I gained understanding of various Management Information Systems including Oracle, SAP, and other software developed by Bosch. This experience ignited my fascination with “Information Systems”. Following that, I obtained a position at Oriental Structural Engineers Pvt. Ltd., an infrastructure company, where I utilized SAP (Systems Application & Products for data processing), which is the largest Information System Software in the world. This chance gave me valuable insights into the field and strengthened my determination to pursue a successful career in this area.

Having worked for nearly two years, I have decided to upgrade my skills and advance in my field. I firmly believe that gaining experience alone is insufficient; specialization is crucial for attaining greater goals in life. Therefore, I am currently seeking a Post Graduate Program that can aid me in improving both my technical and managerial abilities while enabling me to concentrate on my particular area of expertise.

The Program offers a wide range of courses that are diverse and impressive, which is appealing to me because I do not want to limit myself to a highly competitive field of study. The variety of course options amazes me and strengthens my desire to join this program. With my determination, hard work, perseverance, and dedication combined with this program, I am confident that I can overcome any obstacles in my future pursuits. Considering the rapid advancement of technology, specializing in a specific area is crucial. Therefore, my goal is to pursue post-graduate studies in “Information Systems & Business Analyst”.

The ISBA program at my college offers me the chance to broaden my horizons and overcome any limited thinking I may still have. With a diverse student body that encompasses different cultures, nationalities, religions, and ideologies, I am certain that being exposed to such diversity will contribute to my personal growth. Furthermore, I believe this program presents excellent opportunities for me to improve and advance my knowledge. When compared to other developed countries, Canada stands out in multiple ways.

Canada is a privileged nation that values its diversity and tolerance. It excels in wealth, good health, and happiness when compared to other locations around the world. Education is highly valued in Canada, providing top-notch learning opportunities for all individuals. I am committed to giving my utmost effort and making the most of every opportunity that comes my way. Being accepted into a program with esteemed professors, excellent facilities, and a welcoming atmosphere would be extremely valuable to me. If granted this chance, I am confident in my ability to accomplish my goals and experience personal growth within your prestigious program.

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