Strategic Human Resource Management in Microsoft

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How Microsoft aligns its company’s Human Resource Strategy with its Business Strategy Microsoft as a genealogy company places emphasis on their employees over their technological prowess. It may be the overt attention to the needs and of their staff that can account for the success for the company. It is one of the goals of the human resource section of the company to recruit, keep and deploy a motivated workforce of 93000 employees around the world (Marketing HARD Presentation, 2013). The more important fact is Microsoft employees are aware of the importance of their manpower.

This shows in how the success of Microsoft the company is found in the efficiency of their workers around the world. The project portfolios are controlled to effectively provide Microsoft with a distinguishable strategy in which they can recognize the connection between their projects and the human resource strategy and just how much it affects their success. Human Resource Positions and Responsibilities for Microsoft Human Resources Some of the HRS positions found at Microsoft HRS division are Staffing Consultant, Support channel Manager, and the always present Human Resource Manager.

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These positions are found in all offices in each division of Microsoft around the world. Each office, depending on size, has multiples of each position. The Staffing Consultant is expected to provide real consulting support in all staffing matters for their location. They develop and introduce strategies and hiring plans by proven methods and researching emerging methods to attract the best talent. Also ensure that in their sourcing strategy they ensure that the current and future needs of the organization are considered when implementing sourcing methods or utilizing managing third party vendor relationships (Microsoft, 2014).

For Microsoft this individual is expected to provide the definition of the requirements to form recommendations that will lay out and align the expected tat of the organization for the next 2-3 years. This position is responsible for working with other business groups and different IT partners in order to ensure the company is able to deliver according to the mapped out design (Microsoft, 2014). Human Resource Position Preference If I ever did find myself looking for a position with Microsoft, I believe it would be a difficult decision on which position I would prefer.

In all honesty, my Human Resources Ethics class just previous to this one cured me of wanting to go into Human Resources just yet. However the position of a Human Resources Operations Associate would work out well for me. I am not comfortable with the idea of paying someone to do what they are well aware is the right thing to do, something I learned in ethics. Because am uncomfortable with that idea being someone that reports to the individual that actually does the paying.

A Human Resources Operations Associate at Microsoft acts as the first point of contact for all employees, something that is just perfect for me, I love to work with people. They are part of the day to day decision activities, this is especially important during times when there are not enough details to complete the orientations and the right individuals are not available. Most importantly they are the individuals that are the up to date knowledge base for all the company policies, procedures and other FAQ that may come up with other personnel (Microsoft, 2014).

Analyze how Microsoft can establish HARM strategies to improve competitive advantages Starting in 2007, Microsoft has been making vast improvements for production and development of the company. Starting in 2007 they reduced the amount of projects in order to reduce the number coinciding with the project timing and coordination with HRS. It began with the use of their own software, Microsoft Office Project in order to organize and reduce projects. Then to align the projects with the necessary HRS needs that came as a result (Microsoft, 2010).

By 2010 Microsoft had improved collaboration with more transparency across all job sectors of Microsoft. Collaboration between HRS workers was at an all-time high giving everyone in a task team the ability to see everyone else’s task. How can Microsoft increase diversity? Microsoft has stated on their website that they have a “comprehensive plan” to promote and integrate global diversity. This is rather amusing since they are one f the only US companies whose president is a Eurasian female, their executive staff is a direct reflection of the US populace.

The Microsoft staff has made a commitment to diversity across the board in Microsoft. Some of the methods that they have employed is what they call the “Business of Inclusion. ” In this program Microsoft is promoting the recruiting of executive talent, promoting the stud of computer science at universities, and encouraging girls and diverse students to study computing by using their “Dig Girl” program and Blacks at Microsoft Minority Student Day (Microsoft, 2014). Microsoft has reached deep down and found as many innovative avenues to pursue diversity as possible.

The old and standard methods of diversity found in other companies just isn’t good enough for the company on the cutting edge of computer software. When there diversity track record is studied there is really no improvement to be made. In fact it is a study in what more companies should follow and pay attention to. Making any suggestions of changes have probably been thought of and even tried by their HRS team. Conclusion Microsoft has had its minor issues with Human Resources however their coos on making their human capital their most important asset has resulted in a longevity that is sought after by all companies in their industry.

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