Strategic Options for Organisations

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Identify at least three strategic options through consequences of an environmental analysis that are consistent with the organisation’s intent, way and values.

Environmental analysis of three strategic options through swot analysis that are predictable with administration, intent, waies and values:

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  1. Wi-Fi and computing machine installation is provided.
  2. Lingui’s international institute is authorised by NZQA
  3. The college finds issues of bookmans and they will the assist the pupils by giving programs.


  1. The Wi-Fi velocity is really slow because there are many pupil use the cyberspace at the same clip.
  2. Condition of chairs and tabular arraies are non good.
  3. The surface of liguis international institute is limited in comparing with other colleges.


  1. There should be a argument on subjects of concern direction at the terminal of the categories.
  2. Lingui’s international institute should besides get down a new college in capital on New Zealand.
  3. The linguis college ought to maintain separate test and interview to pupils to give admittance by picture call interview.


  1. Here the bookmans are high in figure for each degree of category so at that place ought to be merely constrained in figure and it ought to be 10 to 12.
  2. The hygienic kitchen is non kept up every clip as a consequence of that any kinds of grippe ‘s or viral diseases we can acquire.

Determine the degree Fahrenheiteasibility of strategic optionsin footings of the ability to run into thethreeproposed organizational ends ( Q1 ) .

You mustselectthetwo most executable optionsfrom Q1 with audience with at leasttwo stakeholders.

Model system of larning through online in audience with interest holder Lee —

  • Model system means we live n epoch of advanced computing machine engineering. Learning is supported by informations and technological correspondence. Each pupil must be aware of vitamin E acquisition that is non restricted to obtaining of IT fittingness yet is utilised within much ground through package, web, and seeking through different sites.
  • The pupil when he goes to the school he must be given a login Idaho in respects to net larning where pupil ought to login into that so he can acquire every information in that login school web site.
  • Use of this system might profit from structural attack, realizing clip to clip and pupil could be assessed.

Attendance and promptitude of clip through records in conference with Lee.

  • If the scholar needs to take go forth he ought to inform the school by making telephone call to principal or maintaining E-mail to teacher.
  • If pupil wo n’t travel to the school usually or in nonattendance the disposal can do disciplinary move by bear downing penalty some sum of dollars for get downing warning and 2nd warning incorporates they can any disciplinary motion by rusticating and withdrawn of admittance.
  • The in-migration of nz is holding a complete profile of bookman and scholar should to maintain up normal attending and he ought non make work more than 20 harmonizing to in-migration regulations during coming to school.

Biometric system in treatments with interest holder demand harry randhawa — —

  • Here biometric system refers to a machine which is used for control, confirmation and storage of informations.
  • The biometric system is valuable for establishment where if scholar comes tardily to the school the machine wo n’t accept the attending. it is composed in such a manner, to the point that harmonizing to school timings and the machine scheduling and coder ought to be planned and introduced harmonizing to school timings and guidelines.
  • The attending must be kept up through biometric system where pupils thumb feeling is taken by the machine twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours forenoon, eventide and in the going from the school eventide clip.


The online system of acquisition, it is accomplishable disbursal for installing and to buy that package it likewise obliges cost. In different foundations and in different states they follow theoretical account learing.this might be low-cost by disposal and where it is of less cost and non clip taking procedure so that lector and scholar protagonist can salvage his clip.

The biometric system disbursal is less for every machine.Its constitution charges are similarly less and the linguis like organisation can afford, because merely one machine is needed for a category and executive requires one machine.


The net incomes of online system is that theoretical account learing includes where clip salvaging by teacher and scholar, protagonist and decision maker where one can heighten his acquisition and correspondence with on-line acquisition.

The biometric system benefits includes machine buttockss, the cheques and confirm the attending of a bookman and likewise complete profile of pupil information is saved and clip direction standards.


The hazard includes is therewith the online system of larning and biometric system where biometric system is a machine dearly-won plenty if a individual breaks the machine or does any arch thing the machine gets harmed and information wo n’t be cameras in category must be kept to avoid the fortunes. Besides on-line system the information might be hacked by hackers and presenting of virus in that package, to expect it antivirus package needed.

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