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Strength of American Presidents

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    So in this reading you are going to be looking through how this 4 American presidents had Impacted and Strengthened the United States of America we know today.

    Our presidents are 1st president George Washington who did a huge impact on our country, Our One Our Only Thomas Jefferson who had treated this country with marvelous gratitude , 40th president Ronald Reagan who helped a lot for African Americans, 44th president Barack Obama who was our first black American president and I chose these 4 presidents because they’re helped us so much during their period being president of the United States of America.

    One of our great presidents George Washington had very good domestic and foreign policies such as for our country he created a tax on whiskey Washington supported the Federalist ways of creating a tax on whiskey and creating a national bank. Washington was granted to power to fire executive branch employees. He appointed the first cabinet. He also mobilized troops to settle an uprising in Pennsylvania over the whiskey tax. George Washington helped others countries by keeping the United States neutral in foreign affairs as much as possible, as he did not believe it wise for the new nation to involve itself in the affairs of other nations. George Washington also helped because he was starting to create national banks which is like the national bank of the country.

    The lasting impact of George Washington is that he legitimized the United States presidency and set precedents that remain today, such as the presidential veto and two-term limit (which later became law). He rejected the idea of a monarchy in favor of a democratic republic.

    Another one of Presidents were Thomas Jefferson and I picked him because I think he tried really hard with helping strength the United States by Making Man not injure one another because he thought. That when we hurt hurt each other we would be like other countries who fight with the law and if we do that we won’t strengthen ourselves.

    Thomas Jefferson also allowed the United States to trade with both belligerents without taking sides in their war. If we had not taken part with any of their wars we would not have enemies from other countries and if we needed them we could be alliances with the country we were trading from at the time during their war or battle.

    Thomas Jefferson stenches our country because he knew how to follow the constitution without out getting himself out of line during presidency and Jefferson is famed as a champion of political and religious freedom. Jefferson loved liberty in every form and he worked for freedom of speech, press, religion, and civil liberties.

    Another one of our presidents that Impacted America were Ronald Reagan who was very courageous and very devoted president because in our country had Reduced our taxes so parents or people with money won’t have to pay as much money as we have to for the actual product.

    Reagan needed to encourage the economy with large, across-the-board tax cuts The development of the fiscal policies soon became known as ‘Reaganomics’, and were considered by some to be the most serious attempt to change the course of U.S. economic policy of any administration since the New Deal.

    Ronald Reagan also helped during foreign matters by helping us stop the Cold War against the Soviet Union Reagan’s administration funded anti-communist “freedom fighters” in Afghanistan, Angola, Nicaragua, and elsewhere in order to effect a rollback of worldwide communist influence. Despite Reagan’s strong stance against communism, US-Soviet relations warmed during Reagan’s second term.

    Reagan’s defense spending created an arms race with the Soviet Union. … Probably the single greatest accomplishment of President Reagan lies in his role in helping to end the Cold War. President Reagan is often credited with bringing about the fall of the communism and ending the Cold War.

    Our last president is Barack Obama who in my opinion is a very great reasonable person and our first ever black president who I may say he really helped when making our incomes higher which mean more money and he reduced federal budget which made it easier for our country to not have money problems.

    He also helped to decrease income quality which mean a lot of people would have better quality in their money big and lots of money.

    Barack Obama also renewed troop surge in Afghanistan to have they’re troops better to be prepared. He also did a withdrawal from Iraq which made have better communication with them in their times of needs. We also have better trade with China because since China makes a lot of items we use everyday we can negotiate to buy the item and since we trade with China a lot and a lot of stuff comes from there and we wouldn’t have it today with our Barack Obama. the U.S. president to do the right thing in international affairs. While Obama remained largely popular internationally throughout his tenure, there were exceptions, including in Russia and key Muslim nations. And Americans themselves became more wary of international engagement.

    So in this reading you learned some reason why George Washington,Thomas Jefferson,Ronald Reagan last but not least Barack obama and how all 4 of this presidents strengths United States by reducing taxes being able to trade and make us have good alliances and how they helped us and other foreign countries.

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