The Presidents: Theodore Roosevelt vs. Woodrow Wilson

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Both former Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson term in office contributed to the addition of working category Americans. Each of the presidents was portion of Progressive epoch. where people mattered. They both had different political positions. President Roosevelt was a Republican and President Wilson was a Democrat. However. they both have had strong foreign policies to protect the United States Alliess. President Roosevelt built a strong Navy plan and reinforced National Parks in the United States. On the other manus. Wilson wanted to guarantee authorization over brotherhoods. Even though both of these presidents had different positions. their purpose was the same: to make a better United States. Both of these presidents were known for their function in the Progressive Era. The Progressive Era is noted from the 1890s to 1920s. It is known as the encouragement of political and societal reform. Further. economic growing through industrialisation helped the American people. The Progressive Party of 1912 was established because of a divide in the Republican Party during the 1912 presidential election. Harmonizing to Wilson ( 1913 ) . “Change is non deserving while unless it is betterment.

If I move out of my present house because I do non like it. so I have got to take a better house. or construct a better house. to warrant the alteration. ” This Progressive Party was established by Theodore Roosevelt after he lost the Republican nomination to the incumbent President William Howard Taft. Further. the Progressive Party was besides known as the Bull Moose Party because of the emblem the party chose to stand for them. Last. President Theodore Roosevelt was known for his self-praise of the party stating it was “As strong as a bull elk. ” “All advancement depends on how fast you are traveling. and where you are traveling. and I fear at that place has been excessively much of this thing of cognizing either how fast we were traveling or where we were going” are words by Woodrow Wilson. Because industrialisation was turning during this clip. the conservative and traditional positions of American life were challenged. Though this clip period was filled with economic challenges. the end was to convey economic security to the working category. In the same instance. Woodrow Wilson’s doctrine was slightly the same.

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Wilson states “Our state — this great Republic — means nil unless it means the victory of a existent democracy. the victory of popular authorities. and. in the long tally. of an economic system under which each adult male shall be guaranteed the chance to demo the best that there is in him. ” Wilson called this the “New Nationalism. ” Their vision was similar but their methods and positions is what differ. The Progressive motion is known to be considered great under American Presidents: Theodore Roosevelt. Woodrow Wilson. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. President Theodore Roosevelt. besides known as “Teddie. ” was age 42 old ages old when he became President of the United States in 1901. Even though he was the 20 6th President of the United States. he was the youngest president to of all time keep office. During this term in office. he won the Nobel Peace Prize. Before he began his political calling. Roosevelt was in jurisprudence school.

However. he was drawn to political relations and ran for city manager in New York. where he was defeated. Further. he was a member of the National Guard and served as Minority Leader of the New York Assembly. In 1898. he became governor of New York. During his clip in war. Roosevelt was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Harmonizing to Theodore Roosevelt’s life. he is best known for his foreign policy. corporate reforms and ecological saving. One of his greatest quotation marks is “A great democracy must be progressive or it will shortly discontinue to be great or a democracy. ” Further. President Theodore Roosevelt is known for his work in the edifice of the Suez Canal. President Woodrow Wilson was elected the 28th President of the United States. He served in office from 1913 to 1921. Before going President of the United States. he served as President of Princeton University from 1902 to 1910. Subsequently. he became Governor of New Jersey from 1911 to 1913. He is best known for taking the United States through World War I. He proves he was a Progressive President by supervising the passing of the 19th amendment for Women’s Right to vote.

Further. he helped little concern and husbandmans through set uping standards for the mean American to procure loans. Wilson besides helped determine the face of the federal income revenue enhancement. Last. he created the Clayton Anti-trust Act. which protected brotherhood workers. Based on this path record. he proves to me a president who worked difficult to guarantee America would “progress” to a better hereafter. The major contrast between the two gentlemen was their position on war. President Roosevelt believed and understood the importance of war. As stated antecedently. he served in war.

On the other manus. President Wilson was against war. When President Wilson was re-elected. he began to fix for war during the early 1900s. Many say that President Roosevelt used his political power whereas President Wilson did non. However. they both wanted a new face for America. In the decision each of the presidents had their ain different positions because they represent different political parties. President Wilson accomplished the federal militias. duty. and the antimonopoly act. Since President Roosevelt accomplished railwaies. drug disposal. and nutrient act. Both presidents wanted to make a better America for the common adult male. They both finally wanted America to come on. It is because of their progressive attack entwined in her political positions ; they created a better America which we have continued to construct on their bequests.

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