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Strong and Weak Traits of Your Personality

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It’s really hard to speak about your personal traits of character. You notice so many features in your soul that it’s impossible to cover all of them with your own words. But I’ll try. As my friends say the first trait of character they’ve noticed in me was cheerfulness. I like to look at the world in an optimistic way. This gives me and people around positive mood for the whole day. I’m sociable and have no problems with meeting new acquaintances.

I can easily make a friendly conversation with a person I know for a few minutes. Everybody from my entourage knows that I’m a perfectionist.

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Strong and Weak Traits of Your Personality
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It’s important enough for me to bring all deals I start to a great success. When it goes in the other way I become depressive. But this lasts not so long. I analyze some defects, consider criticism and correct all my mistakes. And to be honest this process gives me much more pleasure.

So you see that I’m exacting either to myself or to my friends. With a huge carefulness I choose people whom I can trust. Sometimes I think that the best friend is friend indeed but these friends are my family who support me when it is necessary. I’m proud of being confident and decisive. I know what I want and reach it vigorously.

But there are many traits of character I’m dreaming to get rid of. I’m too stubborn and never change my views in favor of somebody else. Being hot-tempered it’s not a problem to argue with my friends even through trifles. The main bad trait I have is my inattention and forgetfulness. This prevents me from doing quality works. Sometimes I don’t notice some changes that appear in the life of my relatives and friends. Because of this many people take offences on me. The only thing that gives me hope is the fact that I’m working on such weaknesses of my character. But to tell the truth I don’t want to change something.

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