Traits Check Point Five Dispositional traits Essay

The five traits are extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism, conscientiousness, and openness to experience.  From what I can understand and in my own words: extraversion is the area in which a person acts with other people and in social situations - Traits Check Point Five Dispositional traits Essay introduction. Agreeableness is how person’s attitude is toward other people, and how they act during an uncomfortable situation or argument. Neuroticism covers the area of a person’s self-esteem and interacts with self-concept. Conscientiousness has to do with a person’s goal set and what achievements a person would like to accomplish, and if the drive is there. Openness to experience has to do with a person’s imagination and how we think in our own level.

I personally am a mess…a little joke there, but for the adjective items, to best describe me in the extraversion category.  I would best say that I am Friendly- Aloof, I am very friendly with my family, friends, at church, and with children especially they hold a very special place in my heart. I am friendly at parties and like to get to know everyone.  I have noticed though I am most aloof when I am going into public alone, for example when I go to the grocery store I will not look anyone in the eye I am constantly watching people’s movements, I do not want to be bothered and just want to get home to my family.  The neuroticism category, oh this is a hard one for me, I was diagnosed last year with psychosomatic seizures, my body just shuts down with stress, but thank god I learned to control it without medicine: I think I will go with High-strung-Calm; I am very high-strung when I feel overwhelmed for example when I have to clean the house and I know I have to read for school, and the baby is screaming or wants my attention every two seconds, and all I can think about is getting everything done.

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I am very relaxed when my house is clean, my school work is done, and it is that time of time were my children and I just sit and either read or watch a movie, and I am very relaxed when I lock myself in the restroom to get a few minutes of quiet. In the Openness to Experience category, I would say I am Broad-interest-Narrow Interest, my passion and to me my main reasoning for living is to make a difference in people’s lives’.  One day you will hear me say I want to go to Africa and raise money for aid patience, the next day I want to work with undercover agents to bust people in the sex-trade. I have so many interests from writing, acting, to becoming a police officer.

The one time that I usually show little or no interest is when I am around a bunch of people to hold value to materialists’ possession, honestly I mostly daydream about what they would look like in a water tank and me throwing the ball. For Agreeableness I am Soft hearted-Ruthless, when I see someone in need, I will try to do whatever I can to help even if it is a kind word. I am ruthless and downright angry when I see some hurting another person, or child. The Conscientiousness the best to describe me would be Careful-Careless, when it comes to my children and my everyday life I am very careful, I always try to think through before I do anything. I am careless when I am by myself, I will not worry about what time to get up if the clothes are clean, if I cuss because there is know one around that I have to think about at the moment and time.

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