Money a Good Servant but a Bad Master- Final Argumentative Essay

We often ask ourselves which are the most important things in our life and whether these things depend on money. With regard to the situation we are in, we respond differently. If we are on a deserted island, money is useless – it would not help us survive even if we have it in great quantity. If we are drowning and we are holding in our hands all the wealth in the world, it will not help us but probably prevent us from being saved. However if we exclude such hypothetical situations, in the 21 century, living without money is impossible. And “The more… the more” as Winnie the Pooh said.

Without any doubt, existing nowadays without money is difficult as it is a key necessity for our survival. Money is means and that is its main purpose. But for most people, instead of means, money has become a goal and when this happens, moral and spiritual catastrophe occurs. It is certain that money opens many doors and gives many opportunities that otherwise are difficult to reach. Money can help us travel around the world and enjoy the wonderful creations of people and nature. Very often, to reassure ourselves, we say that money is not important.

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It is widely accepted that human health is most important, that if a person is healthy, he doesn’t need money because he will earn it. But in order to be healthy, a person must lead a healthy lifestyle – exercise regularly, eat nutritious food etc. Nowadays gyms are the most convenient place to exercise and healthy food is often the most expensive in the store. For all that we need money. If a person is sick, with the modern health care reform, he will need a lot of money in order to find the best medical specialists, the most prestigious hospital, and the most appropriate drugs. Of course there are those who even abuse modern medicine.

They use their excessive amount of money on unreasonable operations – facial surgeries, breast enlargements, liposuctions and many more. Of course there are many cases of broken implants for breast enlargement or unpleasant results of a facial intervention. So they go under the scalp once more, praying for a more beautiful face or larger breasts. People should use the money only for necessary things, not wasting it on unnecessary procedures, which in most cases make them more repulsive than before. Some people say that they do not have a lot of money but they have a peace of mind.

They have enough money to meet the daily needs and go to sleep full in a bright and warm room. I think that people should be happy of what they have and not lust for more and more. Nowadays many girls and boys are not happy of what they have – they start selling themselves for money because they put it at the top of their value pyramid. If people have enough for a decent life, should they want more? Should they obey every thought, every act to the desire of earning money? Do they have to think that money is everything in the life, that it will give them happiness, love, friendship? With money we could buy a lot, but could we buy everything?

Could we buy happiness? What is happiness and is there a universal picture of it? I do not think so. For some, happiness means to achieve mental balance, to be at peace with themselves, as for others it means “to have” – to have a big home, expensive car, unnecessary and useless things, to have power over others because that is the way they can prove their “significance”. In recent years, more and more Bulgarians start to believe that money is equivalent of happiness. Young girls and boys sell themselves in order to ride luxury cars, wear designer clothes, and mix with the “high” society.

At first glance, they look shiny and happy, but often their eyes show spiritual emptiness. Can money buy true love? The true love that makes our breath stop when we see our loved ones. The true love that makes our heart go crazy. I say no. That love cannot be dominated by money. The same is true for friendship. Some are deluded that having money will help them easily find friends. Money can buy a servant but not a friend; it can give rise to envy but not to sincerity and love. As the fox, from “The little prince” by Antoine de Saint Exupery says: “There are no dealers of friends”.

With money we cannot buy intelligence, resourcefulness, tact, warmth, and tenderness – all the properties essential to the real person. Money can satisfy needs, provide facilities, deliver pleasure and become a prerequisite for a better life. But when money becomes a drug of which the more we have, the more we want then it becomes the master. There are many examples, in real life and in literature, which show that money is an evil lord who cannot provide happiness. Boris, from the novel “Tobacco” by Dimitar Dimov, becomes very rich, achieves his dream power, but finally dies lonely and unhappy because his ambitions are selfish.

Lust for money has crippled his soul. Money and the redistribution of markets and authority are the reason why many people like Andrei Lukanov, Ilia Pavlov and others did not die of natural causes but were brutally killed by even more hungry for power people. As cliched as it sounds, money is a good servant but bad master. It can “enrich” and “plunder” people. It can be a good friend and a ruthless enemy. It can give a lot, but can also take a lot. Money is the force of the strong and the weakness of the weak. That’s why people should not put money on top of their values??, but view it only as a means.

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