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Summary-Analysis of “Addicted to Phones?”

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Jason X EASL460 004 Summary-Analysis October 11, 2011 Summary-Analysis of “Addicted to Phones? ” In the article “Addicted to Phones? ” April Frawley Birdwell writes that an increasing number of people around the world feel anxious when they leave their cell phone off. He states that the phones are intruding users’ life, and the cell phone addicts need to be connected, to know what’s going on and be available to other people. He maintains that the addictions to cell phone can be hard to pinpoint problematic cell phone use.

He also says that the problem with cell phones is growing.

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Summary-Analysis of “Addicted to Phones?”
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Finally, he explains that problematic cell phone use is an addiction. Although April frawley Birdwell analyses some bad influence of using cell phone, he ignores the benefit of cell phone and misunderstands the problematic cell phone use as an addiction. April frawley Birdwll insists that the problem of using cell phone seems to be growing, and some people lose a relationship or a job due to the cell phones.

However, his opinion is biased. He only focuses on the problem of cell phone. Actually, cell phones bring people more benefits than problems. Children using cell phones can make more friends than those don not use.

Cell phone is a tool for communication with each other. By using cell phones, children can contact with their fiends no matter what time is or where they are located. The author writes “the most shocking figure was that seven percent said the use of mobile phones had caused them to lose a relationship or a job. ” That is totally wrong. The mobile phone is a good tool which can bond relationship with relatives or friends, and can help people to get a job. For instance, a greeting message or a short conversation by phone can increase the relationship between peoples who are located a long distance.

In addition, April Frawley Birdwell mistakenly thinks the problematic cell phone use is an addiction. He writes that “Yet as with traditional addictions, excessive cell phone use is associated with certain hallmark patterns of behavior, including using something to feel good, building up a tolerance and needing more of it over time to get the same feeling, and going through withdrawal if deprived of it. ” Problematic cell phone use, like eating foods, taking cars, and watching television, is just a human basic need.

People need it to communicate with each other, to contact each other, or to call for help if an emergency happens. It does not belong with the addiction’s category because addiction is a higher level. Overall, April frawley Birdwell discusses how people over dependent on cell phone, and the influence of cell phone to people. However, his opinion about the problem of cell phone is growing and problematic cell phone use is an addiction is not fully correct. Cell phone is convenient communicated tool, and plays a key role in people’s day-to-day life if people use reasonable. Words:491

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Summary-Analysis of “Addicted to Phones?”. (2019, May 02). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/summary-analysis-of-addicted-to-phones-2-765/

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