Summary of Just Leave Me Alone: a Sad End to Whistleblowing

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Weightlessness are the one who reveal wrongdoings within an organization to the public or to those who hold positions of authority Weightlessness would exposing wrongdoings of the corporation and protects those who are in the corporation. Indirectly, it encourages and promotes accountability and transparency that lead to achieve good corporate governance. Weightlessness effectively could detect fraud and wrongdoings activities in corporation, When Weightlessness. Employee has reasonably belief and the belief no need to be accurate as in Duration v, University tot Sun. Yes case, It also plays important role in maintaining the corporation well being as in Enron’s case SSHВ»vs. that warning and explosion of Enron’s corporate practices and accounting scandal trot whistler’s could help corporation to not collapse and he in business. However, Whistler’s would faced a serious risk including losing their job and career like Otto Topper’s case, ostracizes by their peers, or receive threats. They might fear to blow the whistle due to fear of repercussions and violations that might happen. Rush they need security and protection.

Many advanced countries like LISA, United Kingdom as well as Malaysia have provided a comprehensive legislation on whistler’s protection. For instance, PAID 1998, SOX 2022 and the Security Industry (Amendment)Act 2003 which now replaced by CAMAS 2007. The Acts attempts to encourage and protect Weightlessness in a variety Of ways, including providing for anonymous weightlessness, establishing criminal parties for retaliation against whistler’s and clearly defining weightlessness channels, PAID 1998 protects workers under contract of employment.

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Fifth rocker is resigned voluntarily by himself after weightlessness as in Spinal v. MS] Mesh Forge’s case, he cannot claim under PAID as there was no dismissal by corporation In Malaysia, Companies (Amendment) Act 2007 provides protection to an auditor to report on any matter which may adversely affect to a material extend the position of the company, Companies Act 1 965 also encourages whistle blowing type of reporting and protect the whistler’s including no officer of d company shall be liable to be sued, on disciplinary action for any weightlessness, but according s. (f) only seniors officers or those in high position are able to make protected disclosure. There are some cases where weightlessness has been blatantly ignored like Maddox case. The reason for this difficulty might lie because he was neither an employee nor investor of the company. After years trying to convince the IIS securities, they would only give them due acknowledgement and recognition only when it is too late.

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