Sad Love Story: My Love and Broken Heart

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Life can be very cruel when you aren’t expecting it. Have you ever been so immersed in a specific situation to the point you thought nothing could ever beat it? Everyone usually does, and to this, I am no exception. We as humans are not perfect despite our intent to be. I thought I had everything figured out, but life was going to teach me that I didn’t really know anything about love at all.

I met him when I was just starting middle school, as naive as that may be. I found myself to be captivated by the way he held himself in the presence of others and how it all crumbled a bit when others weren’t there. That same sense of self along with the charm he was blessed with kept me hooked and captivated for the years to follow. I was blinded by it all as it developed over the years of our progressing friendship. That friendship soon blossomed into romance during our sophomore year in high school. I was so happy, content with what had been presented to me. That is until he wasn’t so happy.

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He grew to think I was not enough like I had become an overused toy. He wanted an upgrade, the better opportunities in like he had said to me that fateful day. Hearing this made me notice how he was really behaving; he was resentful, rude you could even call it and didn’t try as hard as I ever did. Yet, despite this treatment, I was blinded by what I believe to be love. I thought what we had was the real love you read about in books. 7 years of my young life dedicated to this love, only for him to decide it wasn’t long-term like I had planned.

I spent the rest of high school trying to find myself. I had wasted a large portion of my time devoted to him, so I didn’t pay attention to my own needs the way my peers had. It was difficult since I was so accustomed to the one mindset of him and I. I know now that we were never “the one” for each other, it was bound to end sometime. As fate may have it, the road is kind to those who seek its help. Like led me to amazing people who I love more than I ever loved him. They don’t make me sad, and I don’t cry for him anymore. I had changed into a better person.

The events circling around him were a big milestone in my life. I know his face will never truly leave my mind, but I’ve been taught to be grateful it was even there in the first place. I know that if I had never come to the realization that he wasn’t the best thing for me I would not be the woman I am today. This is the person I was always meant to be. Although I thought everything was meant to be, I learned that life can be a bumpy ride and totally unexpected.

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