Summary: The Rise and Spread of Capitalism

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The Rise and Spread of Capitalism The rise and spread of capitalism is about hove capitalism was established. The idea of capitalism came between 1500 to 1900, as stated by the author this idea of capitalism changed many social structures (T. Slater,) ” Capitalism economic system was to change, or influence substantially, not only economics, but also political, social and cultural dimensions Of newly powerful nation-states. ” (L Slater, page 18). There were ideas developed before the rise of capitalism by many intellectual men for example Adam Smith who wrote the book on Wealth of Nations.

Also, Schumacher, one of the men who further developed the ideas of capitalism, believed that new innovation helped the growth of the economy. The author gives a timeline before capitalism to today’s market society. Feudalism to capitalism where hierarchy was minimizing and the rise of the economic activity, this was caused due to the black death that took place in all of Europe consuming majority of Europes population. After the rise of capitalism Europeans started to expand its profits. Stated by the author ” they traveled overland into Asia, drawn both by thirst for rater knowledge: (Twister page 22).

After the colonial system came Imperialism The industrialization and so our economy developed to where it is today. Into, market society, but before reaching to this points there were ideas that took place in different eras that benefited and hindered the shape of society today. For example, the idea of Imperialism was to believe that in order for one country to benefit other country has to suffer, but that changed over time also through the ideas of Adam Smith and today we have developed a system that helps both.

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