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Why did islam spread so quickly

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    The spread of Islam’s empire was very quick. Islam’s embellishments were persuasive towards other regions to join the empire. Their welcoming openness was towards other religions and people to join. They were educated in a varied amount of trade and business. Their army gave them many advantages as well.

    Islam kept an open atmosphere to all different people and religions. They welcomed everyone with an open choice to switch to their Muslim religion. Most people switched because of how easy going the religions was. It is said that whoever does any type of good work, will be in paradise. Also that God will always forgive one that does wrong (Doc.B) The religion gave a great impact to join the religion. The Muslim religion allowed people to live a happy life with no regrets. They were always forgiven and free. The government played a part in the religion to keep the equality intact. The government assured that justice remained for all who went against God’s commandments in the judges court (Doc.E). The small government revolved around religion so that God’s commandments weren’t forgetting, including equality. The religion kept on bringing more and more followers of the Islamic Empire.

    Islam’s Trade and business made them very well know. They had numerous trade routes branching out to the regions of Europe. Land routes by camel and sea routes by boats were used to get all the way to Spain then to The Silk Roads of China and India, stretching to East Africa then circling back to Islam. Islamic traders carried expensive spices, perfumes, metals, and cloth to the countries (Doc. A). While traveling on these routes through the many countries, traders made their name and customs known to the outsiders. They became more and more known as they spread to all of the trades receivers.

    Merchants of Islam opened themselves up to all societies. Traveling routes were added to allow Islam merchants to carry the message of God and influence individuals that the Islamic empire was prominent (Doc.G). More and more people joined the empire because of the routes allowing Islam to connect with outsiders. Influencing them was much easier and more efficient. Merchants could open up to everyone. The army also gathered more followers. The military was known all over as a powerful, conquering army. Power means protection. The army spread all over the Mediterranean coast to Buckram then down south past Mecca.

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